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Bluebells & willow-seeds

I went for a long walk over Dartmoor last weekend and must dig out the photos.  Too hot for a long walk today, but in the shadow of the woods the bluebells are at their peak, and the sunny fields are white and golden with lady's smocks and buttercups.

The willow-trees are seeding, too, a million tiny fluff-seeds floating lazily through the air.  When you are walking through the bluebell woods in sunlight, this is lovely thing to see, the seeds catching the light and turning golden.

We have been watching the Stranger Things TV series recently.  It's very good!  It's set in a 1980's small American town, and features 80's music, children playing D&D,  plus some dark-ish horror fantasy elements, with really interesting writing and beautifully layered characterisation, (though as always with American series that feature some 'high school' children, I always wonder if the 'high school' bits are supposed to look quite as horrifyingly dystopian as they appear to my eyes...)

Anyway, the series uses tiny drifting dots of fluff and gloomy blue lighting to indicate that the characters have moved from the 'normal' world to the dark horror fantasy world, and I admit when I came out of the pet-shop the other day, having gone into the shop in sunlight with people all around, to find that dark blue clouds had rolled across the sky, the car park was now completely deserted, and tiny willow-fluffs were still blowing in vast numbers through the air, it did give me a moment's pause. :-D 


22nd May, 2018 20:23 (UTC)
There's a LOT of nowhere in the US to be in the middle of, and there's not a lot of transportation infrastructure to support it.

For example: My aunt and cousin live in a small town (actually about five miles outside of town) in rural Wisconsin, which as a state is about in the middle size-wise, but larger than the entire of England (but not including Scotland and Wales). It takes five hours for us to drive there, on the highway. Google Maps says it's 270 miles, the route we usually take. To get to their place, you MUST drive. The closest train station is 45 miles away by car. There is no bus.

One could bicycle into town--the safer routes would take longer than 5 miles, of course--but that's only viable when it isn't winter. One could walk--again, not really in the winter--but there aren't any public footpaths, you'd have to walk on the road--and that's two hours of walking just to get into town.

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