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Spring Springs...

A bit greyer today, but the sun has come back this week.  I love it when the mist lies over the river. 

I took some photos in the woods a couple of days ago, remembering that when I looked for photos of shadows, there didn't seem to be so many (probably I won't be able to find these when I look for them later, but never mind...)

They've been doing a lot of tree felling in Greenscoombe wood, so it's a lot more open than it used to be. This section used to be all thick black conifers like you can still see on the other side of the valley, and sections of larch, which apparently are prone to some new disease.  It's all been replanted, but at the moment this section is bright and sunny and the views have opened up.

I wondered about the use of those ubiquitous ugly plastic tree-sapling protectors. A lot of this area used to be mineworkings and market gardens, it's not as though you don't get trees *anyway* even if you just leave it.  I mean I suppose the deer take some of them, but the trees do seem to survive.  And the new sapling trees don't seem to be a special kind that would need so much protection, though admittedly they aren't in leaf yet so its hard to identify them, at least some are oaks because they had the old leaves still hanging. 

But then I noticed that not all of the planted saplings are in plastic containers, so possibly there is some sort of experiment going on here as to the need for them?  I hope so!  Newly planted land would be a lot prettier if it wasn't full of plastic boxes, and often the plastic boxes never get removed, which is awfully ugly.  Though I know deer and rabbits can be a rotten nuisance with new plantings.

It was so hot, some of us took our clothes off.  Here is a NAKED Rosie! 

There's been a lot of tree felling here too, so although there are some dark conifers still left at the moment to frame the view, you can see down to the river.

The celandines were shining bright on the way home that day, so I stopped to take a photo of  them.

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