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A weekend

On Friday
I went bowling for the first time ever.  Bowling, actually I suppose, in two senses:

1) the knocking down of plastic pins through the application of a large heavy ball, in the presence of much loud music and ultraviolet light.
2) eating an entire meal with chips and a side salad all served inside one large bowl without cutlery: essentially, a trough.

I got a double strike in my second game of 1) and beat philmophlegm, much to his annoyance. 

On Saturday
Az jumped into a field ringed by barbed wire, and then tried to jump out again.  We spent several hours at the vet and he now has 6 metal staples in his head and looks like a Cyberdog (but seems otherwise very cheerful).

On Sunday
I drove to Wiltshire to the christening of my old friend K's second daughter.   It was rather strange being among her family, who knew me well when I was 12, but haven't really seen me since.  It was very good to see K herself who I have not seen since before the birth of daughter #1.  Which is a bit remiss of me really, as I've now discovered that they are only a couple of hours drive away.   Wiltshire is not as far away as I had vaguely thought.

On Monday
I found that M&S pet insurance had failed to debit my credit card, and although they had written to me about my insurance policy with them for Mollydog, had totally failed to mention that I didn't have the policy that I thought I had for Az.   Grrrr.  Good thing the accident wasn't more serious.  Well, generally a good thing, but also in this case, a good thing financially.  After several attempts to get M&S to actually create the new policy, I gave up.  I tried to get a policy from Petplan, but they wouldn't take Az as he is 8 years old.  Finally insured him at vast expense via Tesco.
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