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3 Tolkienish Arty Stuffs & a writing.

This is a detail from a larger thing that I may or may not finish, of Maedhros and Fingon looking smug.  I think my painting of faces is slowly improving. 

And here is a very quick painting of Maglor Having A Very Bad Day during the War of Wrath.

Because I did this super-quickly, I didn't fix his pose, which should definitely have his shoulders more side-on.  I meant this to be more cartoony and stylised, but it didn't happen.

Unlike this very silly picture of Bird Monster Luthien with a tiny Beren, which was also done even more super-quickly, and had managed to achieve the desired simplified stylised sort of look.  I think the difference is that I had a fairly clear mental image of this when I started to draw it.   I don't think it works so well to start drawing in a hurry without a plan.

And finally, here is a surprisingly long story about Celegorm in the Halls of Mandos:  Fierce and Free. 7281 words.   Celegorm in the Halls of Mandos fights with Caranthir, meets a cat, appeals to Fingolfin for aid, and reflects on domestication, kingship and the nature of hounds and wolves. Huan thinks he talks a great deal of nonsense.

It's jammed full of Sutcliff-inspired thoughts about hounds, wolves, kingship and hierarchies, hence the length.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, noldor, tolkien, writing

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