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One quick photo of Rosie in our brief snow, which lasted all of a day, but snow in Cornwall is a rarity. 

Whereas today the sun was shining so warmly it had tempted out a rash brimstone butterfly, which fluttered madly around the gorse-flowers then abruptly decided it was exhausted and sat on a twig, allowing me to photograph it rather closely.  

Rosie looking out for... I think probably squirrels, from the way she's looking up at them, though we had just seen a tiny baby bunny, much to her excitement.

I had meant to go back to Sheba Wood to take photos of the Strange Things that have occurred there, and today I did.
Here are some Strange Things:

A little... dragon of reeds?

I have no explanation for these.  I hope they are friendly.

Nor do I understand the invocation to 'joy' or to 'just be'.

It has a wooden bird on it...? But what is the votive object within...?

This domed hut has a sort of tiny woven balcony above the stream.

This thing is I think intended for an owl, but I find it rather disturbing.

The Setting of the Oddness.  The land belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall, but I am fairly sure that neither the Duke of Cornwall, aka Prince Charles, nor his minions are responsible for the outbreak of Woven Oddness.


14th Mar, 2018 07:28 (UTC)
I love those inexplicable weavings! No glimpses of the shy feral artist this time?

I've yet to see a Brimstone here - they are late this year. I hope they survived the ice storm...

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