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Another nocturne...

I took the lighing from a photo, but the figures are pretty much from my head.  I do wonder if I'm falling into the trap of 'too small faces' again but at least the figures feel much more fluid and lively.  The camera seems to have accentuated the contrast a bit too much this time, it's a little more subtle in the original.

This is another 'grandchildren of Finwe' painting: from left, Turgon, little Angrod, Finrod, Maglor and various other grandchildren of Finwe dancing in the background. 

This was the last week of nocturnes: next week, much to the disgust of Colin the Art, we are doing Painting Animals. Everyone in the class has got a dog, apart from Colin the art, and they have all decided they want to paint them.  I think Colin the Art thinks of himself as a bit too good for dog portraits, but he did ask what the class would like to paint next, with inevitable results ...  :-D


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11th Mar, 2018 10:29 (UTC)
Good sense of movement, I especially like little Angrod!
So we're looking forward to a portrait of Rosie?
11th Mar, 2018 12:11 (UTC)
Little Angrod has quite a sweet expression in the original, which the camera has flattened out and almost entirely lost. It's fascinating the things that do and don't photograph well...

I painted Rosie fairly recently, and she doesn't really have enough hair to make an interesting subject for learning about techniques for painting fur.

I might go for some past foster dogs, foster Ruggie the Golden retriever was quite floofy. Or there was foster Kya from years ago, she was very floofy indeed!
11th Mar, 2018 12:31 (UTC)
That's a great photo to use as a model. (He reminds me of my vision of Huan.)
12th Mar, 2018 08:35 (UTC)
That's Kya? She's lovely! And, yes, very floofy!
11th Mar, 2018 15:20 (UTC)
I'm amused that Colin the Art is OK with endless pictures of Tolkien scenes but draws the line at pets. I suspect that's a sad relic from the days when geekiness wasn't fashionable.
11th Mar, 2018 23:29 (UTC)
Colin the Art has himself produced a series of paintings inspired by the works of Dylan Thomas that he's hoping to get grant funding somehow to exhibit, so I feel that he'd have not much leg to stand on there.

But in fact, everyone paints the stuff that they want to paint, which generally includes a lot of small children, dogs, chickens, etc. The difference is that Colin the Art doesn't have to paint that sort of amateur stuff, he paints arty still lives and Meaningful Nocturnes and gritty scenes of forges and then the rest of the class follow along and try to apply the skills / ideas etc to a picture of a tree and a lamb or something. This time Colin is actually going to have to paint a cute fluffy, though I believe he is planning a panda, which is presumably a step up from a doggy.
12th Mar, 2018 11:20 (UTC)
Oh dear! His poor artistic soul. Can't he paint a wolf in the moonlight or something and explain its a metaphor for freedom?

Edited at 2018-03-12 11:20 (UTC)
12th Mar, 2018 13:12 (UTC)
Well, he did tell us that the symbolism of the panda in Chinese art is impotence, so it may be that there is some grand overarching significance to the choice of panda since because of the tragic rejection of representational art by the Establishment, Colin the Art is condemned to teach art classes to people who want to paint fluffy dogs.

Or, it might just be that he has some good photos of pandas and his daughter-in-law would like a painting of one.
19th Mar, 2018 00:31 (UTC)
hey that's a pretty cool picture. i like the feel of the blue in the night!
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