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The Cold

Pp has just got a big order in his Shop on the Borderlands from Finland. He's going to have to email Finland and say 'sorry, your order will be delayed, we have almost half an inch of snow'. I feel his customer is going to fall over laughing.

In other news, all the local Facebook groups are sharing BEWARE THE HILL warnings because apparently none of the roads were gritted, and I have just heard that art class tomorrow is cancelled because the heaters in the hall are terrible, which is probably good news, because about half the class are elderly and I would hate to see them all skidding down the icy hills and ending up in a heap in the Tamar.

Cornwall Speaks: We Were Not Prepared.


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1st Mar, 2018 20:33 (UTC)
Meanwhile your customer in Finland:

2nd Mar, 2018 09:04 (UTC)
!!! I hope he's not going to take his classic role-playing games naked into a lake of ice when they finally arrive. :-D
1st Mar, 2018 20:34 (UTC)
'sorry, your order will be delayed, we have almost half an inch of snow'

I am laughing too! Being prepared or not actually a big deal. Even here, we have had schools stay open after 12 inches of snow, because there was time to clear the main arteries before morning rush hour. Other times--in fact our last snow--was only a couple of inches, but falling during top commute times, so schools and lots of public offices were closed and people told to stay off the roads.

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2nd Mar, 2018 09:07 (UTC)
We never get snowploughed or gritted here. If we're lucky there's a big plastic box up at the top end of the village that gets filled with rocksalt and we are graciously permitted to raid it and spread it on the road ourselves. Though last time there was a big frost, it got empty very fast and they couldnt' get to it to fill it up again because they'd run out of salt and anyway they don't have winter tyres either.

Winter: What Is It? We Just Don't Know???!
1st Mar, 2018 21:58 (UTC)
I was laughing mercilessly at the general unpreparedness of the island earlier, when about 2 snowflakes had actually landed (admittedly because all the others had been blown away by the gale-force wind that had caused all the ferries to be cancelled) yet still several schools had closed, and the shops had run out of bread due to all the panic-buying. But then the Proper Snow started mid-afternoon, and I was very grateful when the ruling came that we could close early and flee. We now have no ferries, no buses, and most of the roads gridlocked or impassible. And, yes, it's still only less than an inch of actual snow on the ground. :-)
1st Mar, 2018 22:21 (UTC)
A chap at work was complaining this morning about all the school closures despite there being very little snow and clear roads. Then the Proper Snow arrived in the afternoon and the roads turned white surprisingly quickly - while leaving work (early due to the weather) I saw one car discover that the road was only partly gritted, do a three-point-turn in a flurry of snow and wheelspin, and make a break for the clearer road!

Still, we've gotten off slightly better here than further west - from what I gather the snow has completely broken Southampton.
2nd Mar, 2018 09:12 (UTC)
I hear there was a little girl killed in Looe when a car skidded on ice, so I feel less stupid now not wanting to take my car out. OK up here on the hills we probably get a little ice most winters but I am not sure they've had ice in Looe before in the 18 years we've been living in Cornwall, and their roads are certainly not built for it.
2nd Mar, 2018 09:08 (UTC)
We have barely any this morning though the wind has been howling all night. When it dropped, we could hear an owl hooting, which annoyed Pp greatly: WHY IS IT OUT HOOTING IN THIS?? he kept waking up and saying.
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