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Poured Mermaids

I experimented with pouring acrylics (with flow improver, and a little silicone oil, sold for oiling treadmills).   I wasn't quite sure how this would work, and I used too much flow improver so the paint got very runny and also I don't think I stirred the paint as much as I should have done so I got bits that were still a bit more solid that made flecks.  It took a long time to dry.   Possibly I should have bought some proper pouring medium (only that's expensive and I wasn't sure how much I'd use it) or perhaps tried PVA glue, which is supposed to be quite good and cheap.  Still, the effect is interesting and it didn't all go to sludge.  There were a couple of twirly marks that looked as though they were beginning to be mermaids, so once I'd got it to dry, I overpainted in a more conventional manner with a brush to make them into mermaids.

I learned that my ultramarine blue and yellow ochre paints seem to be heavier than the phthalo green,so when diluted, the phthalo green tends to rise to the top.  Unless that was just an effect of having diluted the quanties differently, I didn't measure them.

Next time, instead of mixing colours in a cup, I think I shall pour each one onto the canvas separately so I have control of roughly which areas are dark and light. I ended up pouring on extra paint with this one, because it had all gone a bit too uniformly green, probably because I diluted the paint too much. I added a streak of bright orange, the dark blue on the left, and some random blobs of pale yellow which seem to have entirely transmuted into other colours.  


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23rd Feb, 2018 11:40 (UTC)
It looks very atmospheric.
24th Feb, 2018 08:25 (UTC)
And very fun to make, though rather messy!
23rd Feb, 2018 13:02 (UTC)
It came out well. I like the mermaids. Intend to show this to my daughter who has been experimenting with this style. (Without any representational figures!) Maybe I could interest her in a collaborative effort. I'd like to try some figures.

Next time, instead of mixing colours in a cup, I think I shall pour each one onto the canvas separately so I have control of roughly which areas are dark and light.

Laura always pours each color separately, sometimes helping them along a little using a brush or other tool to add a little extra swirling once the paint is on the canvas.
24th Feb, 2018 08:26 (UTC)
Oh, I hadnt' realised that Laura's work was pouring - I liked the piece of hers you shared a while ago. If you add figures, I hope you'll post a pic to show us!
23rd Feb, 2018 14:11 (UTC)
I ike it a lot. Especially this impressive depth that I can immediately see. It is like these mermaids are falling from a plane into the ocean. I hope they end up hitting the water around that deep blue bit in the centre. This is pretty awesome.
24th Feb, 2018 08:27 (UTC)
LOL, perhaps I should have made them sky-divers! I was thinking they were already in clear water, but now you mention it, it does look like they are falling from a great height, I do hope they hit a deep bit they can dive into! :-D
23rd Feb, 2018 15:32 (UTC)
When I took painting classes in college we were taught next to nothing about technique. I did learn a bit from a friend who was attending a really good art school, but it was very traditional.

I'm finding your experiments very exciting and I like the mermaids a lot.

Edited at 2018-02-23 15:33 (UTC)
24th Feb, 2018 08:30 (UTC)
I've never taken a class before, but Colin the Art is very strong on traditional technique, which is brilliant, because he really knows what he's doing and can explain it.

(I suspect he looks down on me slightly for using acrylics rather than oils, which is what most of the class uses, but if you live with cats, then the swift drying time of acrylics is a great boon!)

But the art group I joined last year seems to be stronger on 'just try THIS' attitude, and that's really interesting too.
23rd Feb, 2018 15:55 (UTC)
Wow. I absolutely love this! Wonderful colour and depth and movement...
24th Feb, 2018 08:31 (UTC)
Thank you! My experiments continue...
23rd Feb, 2018 16:39 (UTC)
Oooh, very effective.

I am enjoying these posts, thanks for sharing!
23rd Feb, 2018 18:02 (UTC)
Very pretty. The water looks so real.

Edited at 2018-02-23 18:04 (UTC)
24th Feb, 2018 08:32 (UTC)
I know! I feel a bit of a fraud taking credit for it thought, I just shoved paint on and it did a lot of the arranging itself!
23rd Feb, 2018 18:45 (UTC)
Lovely. I thought it was a real photo of water, at the first quick glance, although the mermaids did somewhat undermine this first impression.
24th Feb, 2018 08:32 (UTC)
Are you claiming there are no mermaids in the seas around the Isle of Wight? Appalling! Surely there are many purses for them to hatch from? :-D
24th Feb, 2018 16:26 (UTC)
Nice paint!!!
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