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I have just finished writing Ch 20 of Quenta Narquelion, otherwise known as 'Ghost Feanor whizzing around Beleriand' (though I've only posted up to chapter 18 so far.  The whole thing is 117041 words and 23 chapters long, which is by far the single longest thing I have ever written.   Chapters 19-23 still need final checks, edits and revision, but still, the plot is all written and  I think it reads reasonably well.   I originally had hopeful plans to write the whole thing before I started posting it so I could leave it and re-read it and give it final edits... but oh well.  At least I finished it, and have managed to post a reviewed and edited chapter every week...

I don't know why why or how this happened, but I still feel an enormous sense of nebulous achievement.

(No painting this week, because I've got three things that I'm working on, and none of them is quite finished yet. )


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12th Feb, 2018 07:35 (UTC)
Congratulations on getting through Chapter 20! It was the one that gave you most difficulty, wasn't it?
12th Feb, 2018 09:09 (UTC)
Yes, Chapter 20 was a PITA, it's the end of the War of Wrath. It ended up dividing in two, yet still I could not get to Earendil and the breaking of Thangorodrim! I think partly because that's a difficult battle to see in your mind's eye anyway, and also it's a little distant from Ghost Feanor and his sons...

I always find chatty dialogue comes easier than action anyway.
12th Feb, 2018 18:42 (UTC)
Congratulations! Great achievement!
I especially enjoy the chapters concerning the War of Wrath. I hadn't read any author who gives the War of Wrath such careful, detailed, original rendering - starting by Tolkien himself! And heartbreaking too!
12th Feb, 2018 22:43 (UTC)
I originally thought it was going to be a much shorter story - then I hit the War of Wrath and realised that it really merited a fuller description. I think I've ended up with the story being about 3/4 War of Wrath in the end!
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