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In which I paint shadows.

Painting interesting lighting is something I'd love to be better at.  My mental images don't tend to come with much focus on lighting, so I'm very pleased that we're working on painting shadows.  I chose a photo with a sunbeam, and Rosie, to practice with.   Someone in the art class titled it.

Little Red Riding-hood

Here's the original reference photo :

I'm not usually too interested in copying photos, particularly ones I took myself: it seems a bit pointless to just recreate a photo in paint, but I think I did learn some stuff doing this one: about dry-brushing the cross-branches, and using purple for the receding trees, and bringing light back into deep shade...  There's quite a lot of texture on the painting which you can't see in the photo, of course.

And as a change from copying, I decided to do another House of Finwe painting, to go with Music Lesson In a Tree.  This one didn't work out quite so well, but it's quite a difficult composition since there are so many figures in it.  I just couldn't get the faces right, and in the end decided to stop messing with them*.  But the lighting isn't bad.

Celegorm, Huan and Fingon are practicing the fine art of Letting The Little Ones Win.  Maedhros, in spectacular silk and red boots, is acting as the finishing post, and it looks like little Finrod is going to beat Turgon.  Maglor is in the background with harp, having decided to let them all get on with it.
*actually that was a lie about stopping messing with the faces.  They still bothered me, so I had one more go and managed to fix Celegorm and Fingon's noses a bit. 
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, noldor

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