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Music Lesson In a Tree

It was little Celegorm’s idea that Cousin Fingon’s music lesson should take place in a tree.  It’s possibly not the least distracting place to have a music lesson.   Fingon and Maglor are playing Anglo-saxon style harps (hearpe) which are much more practical for climbing trees (or Thangorodrim) with than a modern harp would be.  Fingon is playing a jewelled silver hearpe, which Maglor rather disapproves of (I decided that Maglor should disapprove of silver harps when I remembered that Elrond's harp at the end of Lord of the Rings is silver.  That might not make sense, but hey.)

I have decided that the auto settings do a better job of photographing paintings than I do manually. This was taken with a 28mm manual focus lens, and the 'landscape' camera mode.

As usual, I liked the pencil sketch of the faces better than the final painted version:


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28th Jan, 2018 17:35 (UTC)
That's a terrific picture. So much characterization. Of course, since I have a personal thing for roughneck little boys I love Celegorm dangling upside-down! Nice concept for the harps also. Those would work.
29th Jan, 2018 18:22 (UTC)
I feel a thing like that is something you could reasonably carry in a backpack. Apparently they are quite good about staying tuned for a couple of weeks, too, you don't need to constantly retune them.

I was looking for child models to be Celegorm, saw that one and thought YUP that's him! :-D
29th Jan, 2018 04:30 (UTC)
They seem to be having a good time, as well they should. It's good to see a summer scene, and the tree looks most treeish and texturey.

I'm lookng forward to exploring the Anglo-Saxon site. I enjoyed the little harp video.

29th Jan, 2018 18:38 (UTC)
But it is fascinating to hear the sound of an instrument so old, even if the music is a guess and I would guess perhaps a number of the construction techniques too.

I'm sure I learned at university that Anglo-Saxon music was very limited in terms of tone and range, and I can remember reading that and thinking: hmm, says who??? :-D
29th Jan, 2018 09:33 (UTC)
I love this. Fabulous arrangement, and wonderful forest light!
29th Jan, 2018 20:20 (UTC)
Thank you! Still not quite as I would wish, but moving in the right direction, I think.
29th Jan, 2018 11:05 (UTC)
That's very sweet!

This is a very interesting thing, a Myanmar harp, which I saw and heard played recently. THe modern version has tuning pegs, but the original uses a complicated system of knotted string.

29th Jan, 2018 20:34 (UTC)
Ooh, that does look complicated to tune! I wonder what the strings are made of, they don't look like the usual synthetics.
2nd Feb, 2018 10:56 (UTC)
Cotton, usually. The main body is wood, but the bit on top that forms the soundboard is deer-skin or ox-hide.
29th Jan, 2018 23:26 (UTC)
Because of course a tree is where a music lesson should be.

I wonder how elves think of childhood - is it something that passes over for them the way a brief illness might for us?
30th Jan, 2018 09:16 (UTC)
I think Tolkien elves are supposed to have quite long childhoods - a hundred years or so - but their minds grow faster. Probably they don't have a spotty awkward adolescent phase, the bastards!
30th Jan, 2018 08:47 (UTC)
I love this.
All of it, but especially how Fingon is turning around and his expression.

Just coincidentally, I came across the set of relevant Quenya words yesterday, the words for harp, little harp, harp music.

Edited at 2018-01-30 08:49 (UTC)
30th Jan, 2018 09:27 (UTC)
I have in mind to practice my figure-painting with a series showing each of Finwe's grandchildren showing up (I had to make up the order since we only get birthdates for half of them of course.) The next are Turgon & Finrod, who do seem to have birth dates and I had not realised were born the same year.

If I do this, the last one will be of them both standing in two groups glaring while in the background Feanor holds a sword to Fingolfin.
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