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This week in art class...

I used last week's mark-making ideas to create a background, then painted two figures onto it (I also used the mark-making idea where you paint then strip off layers to give texture to the armour and hair.) 

The idea is this is one character, and it shows her progression from peaceful potter to battered soldier. 

I do seem to be improving on this art thing, so I decided to experiment with photography a bit.

This was my first effort, using the modern zoom lens on the camera and the intelligent auto, which identified the image as 'portrait'.  This was actually the one I ended up using above, once cropped, even though the wide angle of the lens has squished the image a bit, because the intelligent auto did a better job of the colour than I could manage manually.  All of these are taken in artificial light because it's a horrible dark day here today and there's still very little light even though it's almost 11am.  This was with the light opposite the image and the camera almost next to the light.   I think the portrait mode has smoothed out the colours on the faces a bit, which is better than them being super-contrasty.

I tried a 50mm lens with the light above the image.  This isn't so distorted, but the colours on the left look very washed out for some reason.

I tried again, slightly faster shutter speed and with a pale blanket under the image to reflect light back up.  This was a mistake: it hugely accentuated barely-visible marks on the paint on the left hand face, and left the whole thing looking wrinkled.


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13th Jan, 2018 15:28 (UTC)
I very much enjoy the way you talk about what you are doing -- well, full stop -- but right now what I mean is I like hearing about the things you try when makng a picture.
21st Jan, 2018 14:16 (UTC)
I seem to have little else to talk about at the moment so I'm glad you don't find it too dull!
13th Jan, 2018 19:21 (UTC)
Poor Carnil!
The before/after contrast really does work, both in the fic and in the artwork.
21st Jan, 2018 14:20 (UTC)
If I had replied to this before, I might have read it properly! :-D I like the idea that the Feanorian supporters were the craftspeople, and the supporters of Fingolfin were more the political/noble types & more landed.
21st Jan, 2018 06:09 (UTC)
Wow, this is so beautiful! You are quite the artist. I really like your style.
21st Jan, 2018 14:21 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm working on getting better at art, having spent many years not really putting much time in, it does seem to be making a difference!
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