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The river in January

You would have thought it would be cold, but in fact it was a clear calm day today, and the sun was warm and the tide just at half past one, so we sloped off down to the River Lynher and went out from Wacker Quay. 

We saw some Avocets!  Sadly my camera is not really up to the job when it comes to birds in flight.  I'm thinking next time it's time to buy a camera, I might go for a superzoom one again for a change: I like being able to use my legacy non-digital lenses, but they aren't a lot of good for this sort of thing.  On the other hand, at some point I am inevitably going to drop the camera into the drink, and sod's law says that will happen  as soon as I start thinking new-camera thoughts...

We left the avocets behind and headed up a creek.  This was a few minutes before a pair of red deer took off on the bank in front of the canoe and went bounding excitably away. No photo of that: I had put the camera down.

We tried to drift back quietly past the mudbanks...

But we were spotted!  I think these were mostly sandpipers.

They wheeled around us and I think went back to their mudflat afterwards.


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12th Jan, 2018 00:05 (UTC)
Avocets! I like those guys. I tried to write a poem about them once.

There is something about these photos that inspires a much-needed sense of calm optimism. Thank you for that.
12th Jan, 2018 09:54 (UTC)
All the blues of sky and river definitely help me feel calmer and more optimistic!
12th Jan, 2018 08:04 (UTC)
Beautiful shots!

I've never seen an avocet... I think you've inspired me to brave the mud and try a winter walk along Poole Harbour.
12th Jan, 2018 09:56 (UTC)
It was definitely a good wildlife watching day yesterday, even though the tide was high so the birds were all hiding up in the saltmarshy bit rather than strutting along the foreshore.
12th Jan, 2018 10:26 (UTC)
How lovely! I've never seen avocets in the wild either, I'm a tad envious ;)
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