bunn (bunn) wrote,

Today in art class...

I discovered that all members of the class who expressed a preference are pagan or pagan-adjacent, including those who go to carol services.   How often do you find yourself in a room where that is the case?

We discussed mark-making, an artist who makes marks in paint with his penis, Bruegel, and George Melly wanking* over a brown trout.

We discussed the many mining tunnels beneath the village, and the existence of a secret chamber 'large enough to play football in!' underground.   Also the fact that there apparently used to be a hermit who lived on the hill and was, in some vague way, 'Celtic'.

To be honest, it was all rather Wicker Man, I enjoyed it greatly though I still don't have a voice so I was spectating the conversation rather than joining in.  I'm honestly not sure what I could have added to enhance such a wideranging range of topics.

*not metaphorically
Tags: cornwall
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