bunn (bunn) wrote,

Still no voice

Yet Pp tried to phone me this afternoon and was honestly surprised that I did not answer the phone.  I literally can barely whisper, against any kind of background noise I am totally inaudible!

Here are some baubles that we have hung on ribbon up the stairs:

And here is a Tolkien Secret Santa Exchange story in which Narvi is a woman dwarf, and meets and marries Celebrimbor: Days of Peace.

It was a slightly alarming exchange request to write, because it was literally just that, no other options or characters provided.  (Well, recip also wanted them becoming parents, but I have serious difficulty with writing childbirth involving a mother who is probably under 4'6" and a father who is over 7 feet tall as lighthearted fluff even if they weren't also different species, so I passed on that particular part of it.)   Still, I feel the end result is reasonably readable.

Tags: christmas, me, whinge
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