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Still no voice

Yet Pp tried to phone me this afternoon and was honestly surprised that I did not answer the phone.  I literally can barely whisper, against any kind of background noise I am totally inaudible!

Here are some baubles that we have hung on ribbon up the stairs:

And here is a Tolkien Secret Santa Exchange story in which Narvi is a woman dwarf, and meets and marries Celebrimbor: Days of Peace.

It was a slightly alarming exchange request to write, because it was literally just that, no other options or characters provided.  (Well, recip also wanted them becoming parents, but I have serious difficulty with writing childbirth involving a mother who is probably under 4'6" and a father who is over 7 feet tall as lighthearted fluff even if they weren't also different species, so I passed on that particular part of it.)   Still, I feel the end result is reasonably readable.


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21st Dec, 2017 00:43 (UTC)
I like your baubles a lot!

You and I would make a great pair--you no voice and I can't hear worth a damn! I hope your voice comes back soon.
22nd Dec, 2017 11:50 (UTC)
We would have to communicate entirely in writing! (Actually we DO communicate entirely in writing, what am I on about :-D)
22nd Dec, 2017 13:01 (UTC)
Works for me!
21st Dec, 2017 04:25 (UTC)
I hope your voice comes back soon. This enforced monastic silence must be so frustrating.
22nd Dec, 2017 11:50 (UTC)
It's actually been less trouble than it might have been: instead of thinking of things to say, I can just mouth 'I HAVE NO VOICE' which has been oddly relaxing! :-D
21st Dec, 2017 08:28 (UTC)
Oh dear. My sympathies!
I had a problem with my voice like that in autumn and it was not fun at all.

I think you handled the Celebrimbor/Narvi ship very well!
22nd Dec, 2017 12:12 (UTC)
It's been less trouble than I had expected. In my job, it's not hard to communicate entirely with a keyboard!

There would have been more Celebrimbor/Narvi complication, because I can't help feeling that there would be a lot of differences that would need discussion in that relationship, but recip wanted sweet domesticity, so I tried!
22nd Dec, 2017 06:29 (UTC)
Urhj! I hope voice gets better soon. A couple of years ago I lost mine for seven weeks! Nothing I can recommend.

The glass baubles are very pretty!
22nd Dec, 2017 12:14 (UTC)
Seven weeks! Argh!
22nd Dec, 2017 11:10 (UTC)
I will soon be able to actually comment on your fics, I hope! This one was lovely, so sweet and (knowning what we know) sad. I particuarly like the bit about the Elves never noticing that the Dwarves keep having the same King. I am quite sure that the Elves would not notice a change in Narvi either. Keeping track of time as it applies to mortals does not seem to be an Elvish thing.

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Edited at 2017-12-22 11:11 (UTC)
22nd Dec, 2017 12:37 (UTC)
Merry Christmas to you, and I'm glad you liked Celebrimbor and Narvi!

You'd think that perhaps the Eregion Elves would notice the endless succession of identical Durins (and replacement Narvi) if anyone did, but perhaps if anyone does, they will just have a quiet word and ask them not to mention it?
24th Dec, 2017 03:02 (UTC)
The ones who would notice at all might also be the ones noticing that the Dwarves never mention it and having sufficient good manners to follow suit. Something like in "Orlando".
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