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The kitchen tap began to drip, and I thought of the task that is 'Summon Plumber A Week Before Christmas' and quailed.

Instead, having done some online research I decreed that we would take the tap to pieces and attempt to identify the broken bit.

I turned off the water!  I drained out the water!  I looked carefully at the tap and worked out what tools to use!   I learned which bits are the ceramic tap glands and removed one of them (Pp, encouraged by my success removed the other one).  I sourced new ceramic tap glands of the correct size and model and ordered them, while Pp, still feeling encouraged, put the old tap parts back together temporarily!   I turned the water back on, and the kitchen did not impersonate a fountain and leap on high!

The tap no longer drips.  I can't decide if I am pleased or annoyed about this, but at least we have a non-dripping tap, a spare set of ceramic tap glands, and a feeling of having Achieved Something. 



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14th Dec, 2017 15:11 (UTC)

As someone who put up with a dripping tap for *years* because there was no way to take the offending thing apart and I refused to buy a new tap until we were buying a new kitchen, I feel this is definitely an Achievement ;)
15th Dec, 2017 09:49 (UTC)
It certainly is. And the damn thing is still not dripping! (I wish I knew what we'd changed...)
14th Dec, 2017 15:14 (UTC)
I think you should definitely be pleased about the no longer dripping tap. You achieved the end goal without having to pay a plumber to do it for you. Plus you now have the parts and knowledge to repair it in the future, also without paying a plumber, that's a lot of money saved! I always feel very smug when I manage to fix things like that round the house, as for me it has the extra bonus of not meaning a day out of my holiday allowance too, while I sit around and wait for a repairman :-)
15th Dec, 2017 09:50 (UTC)
It's probably as well that we ordered the spare parts, but if I had realised the drip had stopped, I would not have paid 12 quid for next day delivery!
15th Dec, 2017 11:48 (UTC)
Nononono, it's actually your order of spare parts that makes it working! You should show these new parts to the tap and say: "See? I have it and can change it any time" and then keep them somewhere near so the tap would know it. I would keep it uninterested in dripping for quite some time, maybe years. We Russians strongly believe in this method.
14th Dec, 2017 15:16 (UTC)
bunn tomorrow morning:
15th Dec, 2017 09:48 (UTC)
BUT NO. For the tap is still not dripping!
14th Dec, 2017 16:20 (UTC)
That is very impressive. I was pleased with myself a while back when I repaired the toilet, but that only involved replacing a bit of tubing.

I've just been watching the episode of "Would I Lie to You" where Bob Mortimer claims to do his own dentistry. That might be carrying DIY a bit too far.
15th Dec, 2017 09:51 (UTC)
Toilet repair is a scary field with additional risk factors, so I'm definitely giving you credit there!
17th Dec, 2017 10:09 (UTC)
The stuff involving water going in isn't so bad. It's the bits involving the water going OUT that scare me! I've replaced things like flappers and intake hoses and whatnot myself, and they're really not all that bad. After all, you're just dealing with clean tap water at that point.

But things like the lower seal? Oh hell no, I'm not even going to think about touching that!
14th Dec, 2017 17:51 (UTC)

The Consort has a dripping kitchen tap that has been dripping for YEARS, but he has so far shown no inclination to try and take it apart, or replace it, or anything. It makes me crazy, but not crazy enough to want to bother taking *his* tap apart. If I lived there I would probably have taken it apart long since.
15th Dec, 2017 09:52 (UTC)
Blimey! Clearly persistent dripping is more common than I thought. I assumed that dripping would soon lead to taps that would not turn off, and leapt into action!
15th Dec, 2017 16:15 (UTC)
It is veeeeerrrrrry sloooooowwwwwwwwly getting worse. At this point there is one magic position (it's one of those taps where you have a single handle on a ball joint that moves around) that once upon a time didn't drip, and now just drips the least frequently.
15th Dec, 2017 09:22 (UTC)
"Achieving Something" - yeah, I know how it feels. (I've "repaired" a refrigerator yesterday and still am going proudly "hah!" about it.) My hearty congratulations! "Take smth apart, then put it back" really work sometimes.
15th Dec, 2017 09:52 (UTC)
There's that feeling of huge relief once you realise you've got all the bits back together and not only have things not got worse, they have actually got better!
15th Dec, 2017 14:20 (UTC)
Well done! Definitely a reason to congratulate yourself. :-)
16th Dec, 2017 07:07 (UTC)
Yay you!
17th Dec, 2017 08:04 (UTC)
Wow! I would never dare touch any plumbing repairs. Maybe I've watched too many DIY comedy/horror shows. I'm fine with electricity. Electricity works the same everywhere. Plumbing, not so much.
17th Dec, 2017 11:03 (UTC)
Ah but electricity can kill you! Plumbing mostly only makes you wet, and I do know how to turn the water off...
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