bunn (bunn) wrote,


The kitchen tap began to drip, and I thought of the task that is 'Summon Plumber A Week Before Christmas' and quailed.

Instead, having done some online research I decreed that we would take the tap to pieces and attempt to identify the broken bit.

I turned off the water!  I drained out the water!  I looked carefully at the tap and worked out what tools to use!   I learned which bits are the ceramic tap glands and removed one of them (Pp, encouraged by my success removed the other one).  I sourced new ceramic tap glands of the correct size and model and ordered them, while Pp, still feeling encouraged, put the old tap parts back together temporarily!   I turned the water back on, and the kitchen did not impersonate a fountain and leap on high!

The tap no longer drips.  I can't decide if I am pleased or annoyed about this, but at least we have a non-dripping tap, a spare set of ceramic tap glands, and a feeling of having Achieved Something. 
Tags: plumbing
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