bunn (bunn) wrote,

'I would like a book'

Well yes, but what *sort* of book?  Genre?  Author? Colour even, I'd settle for colour?!  Is there no hint...?

This is a problem I have created for myself, of course.  If I had diligently kept records of which of my roughly 9,000 favorite books I had previously bought for my sister, then I would at least have some idea what books not to buy for her again. 

She has moved to a different continent twice recently, so there's a decent chance that if it's a book I bought for her over 10 years ago, she will no longer have it and has probably forgotten I bought it for her, AND YET.

But still.  Scrolling through book lists looking for books that are Not Old Favourites is proving something of a struggle.  I know she likes cosy mysteries, has some tolerance for historical fiction and fantasy,  likes good writing, but is not a hard-SF person....

I used to be moderately good at finding books that didn't prominently feature covers of muscly torsos and where the writeup didn't immediately tell you about the protagonists' amber hair, but I am having no luck today.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better bookhunting day. 
Tags: books, moan, whinge
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