bunn (bunn) wrote,

Things Seen

On yesterday's walk, I saw a green woodpecker!  Most unusual that: I see woodpeckers reasonably often, but usually it's the great spotted woodpecker.  It makes a nice change to see a green one.   And also I saw a hare, which always makes my day.  Hares are not very rare, but you don't often see them here because there's so much cover and they are so good at hiding.  I love them, they run more like little deer than rabbits.

And today, I saw a goldcrest, the smallest of the small!

I thought the days of random several-hour powercuts were over, but this evening we had a good long one, well over two hours. Still, we still had a good supply of candles and it's always fun to have to remember how the emergency gas ring works.
Tags: wildlife, wittering
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