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Things Seen

On yesterday's walk, I saw a green woodpecker!  Most unusual that: I see woodpeckers reasonably often, but usually it's the great spotted woodpecker.  It makes a nice change to see a green one.   And also I saw a hare, which always makes my day.  Hares are not very rare, but you don't often see them here because there's so much cover and they are so good at hiding.  I love them, they run more like little deer than rabbits.

And today, I saw a goldcrest, the smallest of the small!

I thought the days of random several-hour powercuts were over, but this evening we had a good long one, well over two hours. Still, we still had a good supply of candles and it's always fun to have to remember how the emergency gas ring works.


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4th Dec, 2017 20:29 (UTC)
OMG! Our electricity used to go out in Mexico City. Not that often, but inevitably when we were having a dinner party! People there took it in stride and decided it was the perfect time to tell traditional ghosts stories by candlelight. It turned a hardship into a fun event.

I do not I have ever seen a hare in the wild, only fluffy rabbits. I have never seen a green woodpecker either. I wonder if they have those in the Americas?
6th Dec, 2017 14:59 (UTC)
We used to get a lot of powercuts years ago: in fact, there was a time when they would assume that electricity simply wasn't that important and would send a letter if they had work to do on the lines, saying that there would be no electricity between 10am and 4pm on a particular day. Or sometimes it would just turn off for a while. It's quite good fun if you don't have an urgent need to be doing anything electrical!

But it's been some time since we had such a long outage. I learned later that four other villages were without power at the same time: I assume a tree must have come down!

I *think* green woodpeckers are european, but I might be completely wrong!
5th Dec, 2017 13:43 (UTC)
Oh what lovely sightings!

I saw green woodpeckers regularly growing up as they frequented the old railway line where I used to walk my dog, and I love seeing hares too, but I'm not sure I've ever managed to spot a goldcrest in the wild.

Commiserations on the power cut, you sound pretty well prepared though.
6th Dec, 2017 14:54 (UTC)
I saw another goldcrest today! I think I've only seen one or two before this year, but this year they seem to be everywhere. My brain goes through this routine when it sees one: is that a bluetit, no a wren... no it really is another goldcrest, isn't it??!!!
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