bunn (bunn) wrote,

Bilbo and Elrond

I like the idea of Bilbo & Elrond, slightly unlikely Rivendell friends.  I always feel that hobbits should be browner and curlier of hair than in the movies, and in particular, should have much fluffier feet.   So here is a painting.  I quite like Bilbo, though Elrond has not come out so well.  Perhaps I should have found a reference image with a less complicated pose, though as usual, half the problem is the face.

According to Colin the Art, I'm trying to paint things too small and detailed, and should try doing bigger paintings with a free-er style.    This one is roughly A4 size.  I intended to just do a sort of quick figure study thing that could be turned into a bigger art, but then I got a bit carried away.
Tags: arty stuff, tolkien
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