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Now, I thought this was just another mine when I came across it the other day near West Down on the river Tavy.   It looks like an adit to me, though it seemed a bit odd that there was no fencing and no grill to stop unwary tourists wandering into it.  (It's quite big enough to get inside, Pp almost did, as he was wearing wellies & it was a wet day he ventured in to take the photos.)

IMG_20171118_125223.jpg IMG_20171118_125150.jpg

But I just looked it up on the Heritage Gateway*, and there's no mine or adit marked there.

There are a few mines a short distance away:   Wheal Bedford, a nineteenth-century coppermine,  Tavy Consols, across the river, the Lady Bertha Mine, Walkham United mine, and the closest, the excellently named 'Virtuous Lady Mine'  apparently named in honour of Elizabeth I, which was worked from 1588 to 1807.  It reopened in the 1830s before finally closing in the 1870s, and was apparently 'once famed for the siderite crystals with curved faces.'  I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds brilliant.

So, possibly this is one of the undocumented adits, or possibly it's not an adit at all but some other... thing.

*I'm a bit worried about Heritage Gateway.  They have so much brilliant data in there, and it must have been a huge faff to assemble, but the interface is looking very aged now, the maps are still in beta and don't work with https... I do hope it won't just fall off the web one day, that would be a great waste of so much carefully-compiled information.


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27th Nov, 2017 09:57 (UTC)
It looks so sleepy-hollowish! Beautiful!
I enjoy your stories about mines. It would be a pity if your favorite mine-cite falls.
27th Nov, 2017 13:04 (UTC)
It's an amazing site : it lists archaeological find locations, historic building and general Heritage stuff right back to the Iron Age. I'm sure all the data is in proper book form as well, but it's wonderful to be able to search it in so many ways from anywhere.

But the way it is aging does rather demonstrate how vulnerable data presented via the web is...
27th Nov, 2017 12:05 (UTC)
I love the idea of a forgotten entrance to the Virtuous Lady Mine!
27th Nov, 2017 12:16 (UTC)
OMG! How did I miss the potential for innuendo there! :-DDD

2nd Dec, 2017 13:15 (UTC)
Interesting! It seems like someone ought to have noticed and documented such a big hole at some point!

In unrelated news I got an email from livejournal about "Here's some entries which you may like and which you probably didn't see yet.," and I have no idea how they figured because most of their suggestions were in cyrillic, none of them were people I follow ... but this was one of them and they happened to be correct in this case, I found it interesting. (:
2nd Dec, 2017 13:25 (UTC)
You'd think, wouldn't you? Of course, there's always the chance that the hole was covered up until recently and something has knocked the layer of soil off the top of it. We do have a bit of a problem with that happening in this part of the world!

I got one of those emails today as well, the selections offered me were also a little mysterious, but at least they mostly used an alphabet I can read! :-D
11th Dec, 2017 12:12 (UTC)
Yeah I've gotten a lot of cyrillic emails from LJ lately I don't know if they turned up the messaging to everyone or somehow I've fallen into a cyrillic category somehow. As it happens I actually can read the language, having studied Russian in college, but it's slow going and only get the general gist of it.
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