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A bright sunny morning, so we thought we'd go up onto Bodmin moor.   It was bright and sunny until we walked some distance away from the car.  THEN it started hailing.  Fortunately, Minions is blessed with a dog-friendly cafe so we dived into it for lunch.

Then the sun came out, so we resumed our walk plan.  We were half way up Caradon Hill when we looked behind us...

Oh dear.  We're going to get wet, aren't we?

But the sun was still shining where we were, so we enjoyed the view of the rainbow on the old mines...

The sun was still sort of shining so we went on to the Monstrous Mast of Bodmin Moor...

And then the hail arrived.  We went down Caradon hill at some speed.  Rosie was not a happy Rosie.  The wind was blowing and the hail was fierce!

I've now just about warmed up again.   The rainbow followed us home and is now lurking outside the house, probably hoping to lure me out again, but I am feeling disinclined to outdoorsiness, and more inclined to sit here toasting my feet by the fire.

Tags: cornwall, walks

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