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And also to the Hobbit.

And you may well ask: but bunn, why did you write a happy ending to the Silmarillion?  And why is it 41291 words long?  Did you have nothing better to do?

I have no answer to these questions and am avoiding your eyes.

The House of Fëanor : Little Pity


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1st Nov, 2017 19:37 (UTC)
There are better things to do than write a happy ending to the Silmarillion?

I know I for one have been eagerly awaiting this last part, so I'm very glad you didn't find anything else.
2nd Nov, 2017 11:33 (UTC)
Though part of me feels that writing a happy ending for the Silmarillion is a superb use of time, another part is guiltily aware that there's a *reason* why this entire series makes Maglor into someone for whom procrastination is a heroic act :-D
1st Nov, 2017 21:53 (UTC)
What a ride! It's been a fantastic series full of delightful characters (I loved your Nimloth who pinches Feanorian behinds), original twists and resonably happy endings! Even Maglor has his happily ever after moment!(hopefully).

Why write a happy ending for the Silm, you ask? Well, I think we've all had our share of tears reading marvelously, impossibly sad stories (Yes, Maedhros, I'm looking at you!). This struck a perfect balance between canonical tragedy and a joyful resolution. Who doesn't want to see Feanor at his very best?

2nd Nov, 2017 12:03 (UTC)
I'm glad you've been enjoying it! (Celegorm richly deserves to have his bottom pinched).

I'm only feeling guilty because my time management skills suck and so when I start writing it becomes very hard to concentrate on other things.

(Nerdanel would say that means the other things are not important, which is all very well for her to say, since she is a professional sculptor who is also occasionally Queen of the Noldor, and doesn't need to earn money to eat!)
2nd Nov, 2017 00:45 (UTC)
Oh. Oh, wow.
You weren't writing a quick fix, you were writing a proper eucatastrophe. Those take a lot of words, and work, as Tolkien himself could have told you!
2nd Nov, 2017 12:33 (UTC)
Eucatastrophe was my aim, let no-one say I'm not ambitious...
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