bunn (bunn) wrote,

Jiggery pokery

I am not sporty, and there are exactly two detailed depictions of sport in media of any kind that I can easily think of that I like.
One is the brilliantly-described cricket match in Dorothy Sayers' Murder Must Advertise.

This song is the other one. It came randomly onto the ipod while I was driving earlier, and inspired me to look it up on Youtube later, and I found this video, while hardly professional, did make me laugh like a drain.  It is perhaps a little offensive in its choice of illustration for the words 'buggering fuck'.  Though I suppose probably there are people who are offended by the words 'buggering fuck' as well, though for different reasons.  But then they're probably offended by this post and will never get to the video.  I'll put it behind a cut.  That will fix everything, right...?
Tags: i refuse to have a sport tag, music

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