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More writing of the Tolkien Things

Yet more Return to Aman stories I have wrote.

Shadows Cast by Memory (8,481 words)
In which Maglor, returned to Tol Eressëa with Elrond and Frodo, meets two heroes of Gondolin, recalls Elrond's thoughts on the Downfall of Númenor, injures Fingon and loses a horse-race (barely).

Among the Ainur and Other Animals (14,586 words, wtf, self??)
Maglor meets Nimloth of Doriath, and is surprised. Elrond and Bilbo go to Valimar, and meet Ingwion, leader of the Vanyar Host from the War of Wrath, Indis and Melian. Elrond gets rather cross and channels his inner Maiar. Bilbo is sensible. And Eönwë, Herald of the Valar, brings news.

I can't resist the temptation to look at the 11 stories in this series and try to draw conclusions from the numbers.  For a while, it looked like stories with female characters / focus tended to get less interest, but the last one seems to have disproved that theory so the only one I am left with is that people like Maglor and are more likely to view or kudos stories with him in them.   Also that people who read a story right away are more likely to comment or kudos it than people who drift by a week or so later.   I wonder why. 


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8th Aug, 2017 09:58 (UTC)
From my own numbers, the only thing I can hypothesise is that even Gen Feanorians are popular, and OCs are not.

Also far and away the most widely-read thing I've ever written was the serial, which began as the fluffiest of fluff, tossed off in a spare half hour (and inspired by a comment of yours). I assume that it is something to do with the serial form. Since the current thing is also a serial(sort of) I will be able to test this hypothesis.

8th Aug, 2017 19:47 (UTC)
I suspect the numbers are really coloured by all sorts of unquantifiables, but because they ARE numbers, it's very hard to resist the temptation to consider them absolute...

People do seem to like cheerful things, or at least, happy endings, and I concur because I am not in the mood for writing tragedies just now.
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