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Who the hell is this spam aimed at?

"Dear Friend,
How are you, my friend? This is just courteous greetings and follow-up. We wish you and your families happiness and prosperity. And we'd like to enclose price list for our defibrillators FYI. If you are interesting in any of these products, please tell our item name and quantity so that we give you our best prices. We are also wondering if you have any new inquires on other medical equipment?"

The font is Comic Sans

Defibrillators. Defibrillators.

Who buys defibrillators from a wandering internet defibrillator salesman who writes in Comic Sans?



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24th Jul, 2017 19:21 (UTC)
My response would be "Thanks guys but have you run out of penis enlargement stuff though? I will need to restock soon." My guess is that they have indeed so they just switched to the second thing from the top of the "urgent and important" list, which obviously would be defibrillators (the list obviously is 1. Have a big penis 2. Survive 3...). Makes sense.
25th Jul, 2017 09:14 (UTC)
Ha! Priorities!

I dunno, do people buy defibrillators for their own safety? It seems like the kind of product that is largely bought for the use of other people in rather regulated organised environments. I am rather horrified by the idea of cheap gimcrack ones being bought on the penis enlargement gadget model!
25th Jul, 2017 11:44 (UTC)
Obviously you are not...I wanted to say "a man" but I was lectured just a couple of days ago that the correct term to use in a case like this would be "a prostate owner" not "a man" which would be exclusive, marginalising, offensive and hateful. Oh, the joys of being surrounded by 20-year-olds from American and European campuses 24/7. But anyway, if one is happy to buy penis enlargement gear from someone, then one would not hesitate to buy defibrillators from the same source. If a defibrillator turns out to be faulty you just die and that's it, if penis enlargement gear is crap you get to live with a small dick your whole life.

I think you could buy it for your own and your family's safety and have it in the house in case it needs to be used on one of you by the rest.

Edited at 2017-07-25 12:24 (UTC)
24th Jul, 2017 20:02 (UTC)
Well, exactly. I used to get a good deal of spam attempting to sell me Viagra -- I will never know why -- and I spent more time than was good for me pondering the reasons someone would buy it from an unsolicited email in idiosyncratic grammar.

Or perhaps I should say "attempt to buy it." Who knows what if anything what gets for one's money in these situations?

Comic Sans, though. That's a new one.
25th Jul, 2017 09:15 (UTC)
It just seems like, if you are going to buy a defibrillator, you'd want a good one? Not a kind of dodgy one sold off the back of an email that starts 'dear friend'! :-D

In Comic Sans.
25th Jul, 2017 07:20 (UTC)
In the last couple of years my spam shifted dramatically and pretty much completely from, shall we say, lifestyle assistance, both financial and chemical, to management, audit,human resources, risk management and investment-related products.

I expect defibrillators are just around the corner.
25th Jul, 2017 09:17 (UTC)
A lot of the stuff in my spam box, I can no longer tell if I actually signed up for it, or an allied product or service long ago. But this made it through all my filters right into my in-box, to my great surprise!
25th Jul, 2017 19:48 (UTC)
A wandering defibrillator salesman I -
A thing of of hearts and shocking
Of online technology shopping
And dodgy children's fonts
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