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It is hot. I walked in Deerpark wood, hoping to avoid too much sun and flies. Most of the year, Deerpark wood is a walk that definitely requires wellies, because there are so many small streams running everywhere through it that it gets quite muddy, particularly where riders have taken horses through, but on a day like this, there is little mud and the many tiny streams are clear and sparkling. I know it must be really hot because Rosie got into one stream right up to her elbows! Most unusual behaviour for Madam I Can't My Feet Might Get Wet.

She also spent some time huffing and puffing down rabbit holes, like the Big Bad Wolf. She sticks her head in as far as it will go, and presumably, she can see or hear or smell the rabbit, not far away. Because once she has jammed herself in there, she huffs and blows. I am not sure if she is hoping that if she puffs hard enough the rabbit will shoot out of one of the other holes? That's certainly what it looks like.

The foxgloves are still in bloom and there are places where you have to scramble your way through tall purple groves of them. Down by the lower streams, the yellow monkeyflower is everywhere. It's not a native plant here, so I would guess that someone once dumped some garden waste in the wood and the streams have carried the seeds everywhere. And in between the foxgloves and the monkeyflowers, the white foamy flowers of wild carrot, which I usually call Queen Anne's Lace, but for some reason they looked more carroty today.


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18th Jun, 2017 15:32 (UTC)
heh! I love the image of bunnies being puffed out of their warrens. Perhaps Brythen could wait at the other end with his mouth open?

Rosie paddling? It must be sweltering.

I'm waiting for it to cool down before I take the hairy bear out round the forest.
18th Jun, 2017 15:54 (UTC)
I had ever such good intentions of getting up early to walk them in the coolth of the day, but then I stayed up late reading the Megan Whalen Turner 'Thick as Thieves' and it all went a bit pearshaped!

I'll take them out again later when it's cooler, but Rosie was very firm that I was going to be yodelled at All. Day. Long. unless there was some kind of morning walk!
19th Jun, 2017 08:46 (UTC)
All Day Yodelling - a formidable source of motivation...

Max just paces and pants and paces and pants &c. until I give up and take him down the river.
18th Jun, 2017 17:26 (UTC)
It sounds lovely!
19th Jun, 2017 08:52 (UTC)
It was very pleasantly cool and the dogs loved it!
18th Jun, 2017 17:50 (UTC)
Great dog story! Makes me wish I could get out of the city. I cannot even move this crew of mine to go to a city park. They don't want to leave the AC--another warm day here.

I thought I saw a racoon in the dark last night. Does that count as nature?

Edited at 2017-06-18 17:52 (UTC)
19th Jun, 2017 08:54 (UTC)
A raccoon counts as Exotic Wildlife Like What You See In a Zoo around here, so I'm definitely counting it!

I am envying your aircon today. We don't have it (well, here it's only every few years that you really need it. But I am very glad that Helga Saab's aircon is one of the bits of her that still works!)
19th Jun, 2017 15:43 (UTC)
It has cooled off sufficiently that I can turn off the ac and open the windows, which has me and the cats both happy. When the husband and the teenager and the cats start wilting, though, unfortunately the ac has to go back on. *sigh* I am a lizard in a house full of bears.
19th Jun, 2017 20:43 (UTC)

Gumboots on a hot day doesn't seem an ideal combination. England sounds as though it does wild flowers very well

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