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Edged out of a wobbly old Cornish junction with a building hanging perilously over it, into an unexpected!Landrover.

Lost a chunk of Helga Saab's bumper and probably responsible for repairing a dent in the Landrover. Oh well, at least my no-claims bonus is protected. Surprising it doesn't happen more often, I spose. Someone came running out of a building,having heard the bang: "That's the third time this week on this junction!" she said.



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14th Jun, 2017 16:27 (UTC)
Oh, no! I hope Helga is repairable...

It seems a bit unfair to declare anyone at fault in that situation. Except maybe the council for not putting up warning signs?

14th Jun, 2017 16:43 (UTC)
I'm hoping I can get an old!new bumper and just get someone to replace it. It only seems to be sort of foamy stuff inside, they must get damaged a lot.

...I looked on ebay and there was one for 20 quid, but it's in Leeds. But there must be a fair number of old saabs being broken for bits around here.

I'm not sure signs would help, you'd still have to edge out cautiously and hope whatever they did. It's all built for carts round there.
14th Jun, 2017 18:13 (UTC)
Did you ask the people at the car repair place about it? They often have bright ideas about where to find one or have their own connection.

I used to have a Saab. Sometimes I still miss it.
14th Jun, 2017 18:27 (UTC)
I'm thinking I'll ask them about it tomorrow. There was a knackered clip on that front bumper anyway, so it did need replacing.
15th Jun, 2017 01:36 (UTC)
Glad you're OK, even if Helga needs surgery.
15th Jun, 2017 03:40 (UTC)
Gulp. I'm glad you and the other driver are all right.
15th Jun, 2017 15:44 (UTC)
Goodness! I'm glad it was nothing serious! You'd think they'd put in one of those big convex mirrors if there are that many incidents at that junction. We once almost had an altercation with an unexpected!lorry but were saved by the mirror at the last moment.
18th Jun, 2017 13:53 (UTC)
The person who told me that there had been three this week did mention getting a mirror put in. I don't know if it would help all that much though, I think one reason I couldn't see was very strong light and shade, and you can't do much about that without demolition.
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