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Elrond at the First Siege of Imladris

“By that time, Sauron had mastered all Eriador, save only besieged Imladris”  Unfinished Tales: p239
After the death of Celebrimbor and the ruin of Eregion, Elrond ‘had gathered such few of the Elves of Eregion as had escaped, but he had no force to withstand the onset’ of Sauron.  Elrond escaped when Dwarves out of  Khazad-dûm and Elves from Lorien attacked Sauron’s forces in the rear.  Elrond was forced North and took refuge at Imladris, where Sauron left a strong force to besiege him and prevent him coming to the aid of Gil-galad in Lindon.
So here is Elrond in that first, desperate siege, before Rivendell had bridges and buildings and defences, but was instead an emergency camp and refuge for Elrond’s rescue force and the refugees of Eregion.  It was three years before the siege was relieved by Ciryatur of Numenor.


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2nd Jun, 2017 21:32 (UTC)
Oh, wow! This is my favorite I think of your illustrations. Love Elrond's stance, his cloak, and the setting/scenery.
3rd Jun, 2017 09:05 (UTC)
Landscapes are easier than people! But on this occasion the person seems to have come out all right. I must keep practicing.
3rd Jun, 2017 00:04 (UTC)
Snazzy mail shirt, and I like the tattered but still bright cloak, too.
3rd Jun, 2017 09:06 (UTC)
I tend to think the cloak may have started off red, and faded a bit in years of campaigning!
3rd Jun, 2017 08:57 (UTC)
He looks battered, but not at all cowed or beaten!

Are those stars meant to link him to Gil-galad or to the Feanorians?
3rd Jun, 2017 09:04 (UTC)
I meant them as stars of Earendil (they are six-pointed). No doubt he could wear Feanorian stars if he wanted to in Rivendell, but one assumes his gear on this occasion was probably made in Lindon, where putting Feanorian stars on things might be seen as rather an undiplomatic political statement. I tend to assume that people from Gondolin and Nargothrond tended to stay in Lindon and it's more people from East Beleriand who went to Eregion.
3rd Jun, 2017 09:07 (UTC)
D'oh--Earendil, of course!
I did see they were six-pointed.
3rd Jun, 2017 11:00 (UTC)
You did a particularly nice job with that right hand clenched on the scabbard - that's a hard position to draw a hand in, and it looks 'right'. (N.B. - I NEVER manage to get the hands to look right, it's part of why I don't draw figures much)
3rd Jun, 2017 23:34 (UTC)
Hands are hard, I find, but less hard than faces. I have Face Issues :-(

Landscapes and animals are so much easier, but I've got to the point where I really want my people-painting issues to be sorted, so I'm working on it!
3rd Jun, 2017 23:25 (UTC)
Love this painting.
3rd Jun, 2017 23:35 (UTC)
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