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High tide paddlings.

I think these are from a couple of canoe wanderings.  This was the day that we arrived a little later than planned and found that there was a lot of high tide to go around!   That granite lump is actually a bollard on top of the quay, and behind it is a bench for people to sit on.  It was hard to tell where the river began!

Riverside cat at a boatyard.  Am unsure whether Riverside Cat is fishing or mousing, but he was very intent about it.

The less practical part of me loves this house under the railbridge with the garden that runs into the river, complete with visiting duck.  The more practical part of me is shrieking 'but you'd have to keep EVERYTHING upstairs if it rained!!!'

Back downstream again.  If you set off at high tide, you don't get so far up the river, but you can zoom back down again.

And a couple from another day, the day when we paddled for some time before the stowaway woke up and began to wander around inside the canoe.  She/he had probably travelled inside the canoe all the way from our garden on top of the car.  And I have a horrible feeling that having said 'we'll put her out on the bank' she then tucked herself away somewhere and we forgot about her, so for all I know, she's still somewhere in the canoe.  Oh well.

Coming back down as the sun is setting.  The wake behind that buoy is the tide going out again.   I am unable to capture the subtlety of the layers of light on the landscape behind the bridge.  None of the photos I took of it really caught it.  This is closest.


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2nd Jun, 2017 21:37 (UTC)
Very beautiful photos. I feel the same way about the house. My mother grew up in house facing a river like that. Supposedly it only flooded the house once a century, but it happened twice in her early childhood!
3rd Jun, 2017 23:33 (UTC)
The first year we came to live here, there were vast floods and people had to be evacuated by helicopter all along the river. It 's not happened again, but I haven't forgotten!
5th Jun, 2017 14:19 (UTC)
It was very rainy during our trip in 2008 (first couple weeks of September) and there was a lot of flooding. We stayed in Stratford-on-Avon, and the Avon was quite high. We went to Kenilworth and there were several places along the route which were clearly supposed to be low bridges over small waterways but which were pretending VERY HARD to be fords instead. We passed an actual ford which was impassable for regular autos because the water was so deep. The Consort and I visited...um...a historic site in a small town near a river, and all the houses on the high street had these barriers set up in the doorways because apparently they'd *just* had flooding.
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