bunn (bunn) wrote,

Dogmoot & fruiting climbers.

I went to the beach this weekend to meet up with some doggy people who I had met online. I've never met someone purely from knowing them online before, but was surprised how much fun it was, so am going to another one next weekend, a bit further away this time. Endless dog-talk and lots of ball-chucking, except for Mollydog who doesn't Do Balls but still had a good time.

Also cleared the greenhouse and planted up baskets - I'm trying to go for an all-blue effect this year, as our house is now blue. But am not sure I can resist temptation of dark red things such as busy lizzies, even if they dont' go with pale blue at all...

Still don't know what the problem is with my Actinidia Arguta 'Issai' (kiwi fruit relative). It was perfectly healthy when I planted it, and has been fed watered and kept weed free, but it just isn't happy. I think it may be a bit dry: resolved to try and remember to water it more often this year.

The grapevine on the other hand is already in bud and I can see is going to need some severe pruning to keep it under control. Wah! I researched 'Issai' online thoroughly, I made notes, I bought from an excellent nursery. I got the grapevine without checking the variety on a whim from an indifferent garden centre. Sod's law. The grapevine is just north of the greenhouse though, so probably more sheltered.

B&Q sells coir blocks! hurray! maybe it will be possible to run a peat-free garden with pots without expensive mail-order in future. I'm going to use them as bedding in my wormery.

I acquired a Miltonopsis orchid: another garden centre whim. I have a bad feeling about this as it supposedly needs 70% humidity, but we shall see. It does have a great scent - like roses, only it's flowering now when the roses are just starting to waken and unfurl their young red leaves.
Tags: dogs, garden, grapes, orchids

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