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Narnia and other stories

The film finally made me realise the reason that I've never quite liked the Narnia books as much as I felt I probably should. There's just too many special effects, the man doesn't know where to stop.

Father Christmas! Talking Beavers! riding unicorns and attack cheetahs and a king lion anna Witch an Centaurs anna Rhino an Magic an Stuff! An they all end up Kings and Queens!

It sort of works in the book, but in the film where you can see the effects, it's like being pelted with huge deadly suffocating marshmallows. (Despite the desperate attempt to make the children seem less posh and more ordinary, which was a nice try but just could not overcome the whole 'lookit him riding a unicorn in his shiny suit' factor.)

I was kind of going with it until we got to the Narnian army, and then it was just like a big bathmat with the words BATH MAT!!! printed on it. Too much.

Big space in case anyone wants to read the first one but not the second. Or viceversa, though that might be harder.

I really liked the new Sarah Jane Smith Adventures trailer, despite the silly Cthulu monsters, the obligatory Stern Lady, and the presence of that daft lad with foolish hair, who was in Hex.

They are clearly trying to make it a children's series, but weirdly it ended up being, I thought, more adult than the endless 'novelty sex of the week' quest of Torchwood.

It had the BEST quote, which I may have to make into an icon: "There are two sorts of people. There are people that panic. And then there's us". Now THERE's a line to live your life by!

It was all about growing up and taking responsibility (and not believing the labels on things), whereas Torchwood seems to be mostly about screwing things up, shouting, and, well, screwing things. And people.

This week's Torchwood novelty sex flavour was repressed 40's homosexual flavour, and also Welsh Special Offer flavour. So, two for the price of one, but I'd really rather they'd left that bit and worked a bit harder on the creepy club manager / caretaker, who seemed to have such promise then just turned out to be an off-the-shelf monster-worshipping nutter.

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