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I will fight for you in Truro!

Promises the Libdem election leaflet of one Matthew W.

No you won't.  There is no scenario where you will descend out of our Eastern hills into the West, falling upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Truro with Fire and the Sword. Nor do I want you to.   For that matter, how do you know they are even wrong?  They might be right!  I might be wrong!   Also, if you are fighting for me, then very likely you will have to fight, not against the wild raiders of Penzance or the solemn townsfolk of Truro, but against the annoying man up the road that thinks it's appropriate to control growth of a cornish hedge by spraying it with weedkiller.

... I don't think election leaflets are aimed at me.

Must look up what eldrich horrors Mebyon Kernow (Sons of Cornwall) are promising.  Possibly they really are promising Fire and the Sword.


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4th May, 2017 10:43 (UTC)
We received one county council election leaflet - from the Green party. Having read it, I duly put it in my paper recycling. What was left behind after the box was emptied? The election leaflet.
4th May, 2017 17:41 (UTC)

Do you get to choose his weapons?

This sounds much livelier than the local elections in Dorset.
4th May, 2017 21:40 (UTC)
It occurs to me he may be expecting you to give him one of your sleeves to wear on his helmet. Maybe he'd go away quietly if presented with a stray sock.
5th May, 2017 13:26 (UTC)
I am getting mental images of George Warleggan and Ross Poldark having one of their wrestling matches and breaking the bannister rails in the inn etc (from the books, where George Warleggan has the build of his blacksmith grandfather and a bull-like neck; not the modern TV-series where he's... about as miscast as a brunette Elizabeth and a red-headed Demelza). They were, after all, MPs for Cornwall. (Though Falmouth, not Truro, IIRC.)
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