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(I think you are worrying the human, Maglor.)

Finrod on the left, blond with a crown and jewellery, Maglor dark-haired in the middle (I did try to think if I could put a harp in there to show it was really Maglor, but there isn't a space for it and really, he can't have a harp in front of him ALL the time) and Hador on the right looking slightly worried.

As Pp says, these are not characters you tend to think of together, but there's no reason why not.

I wondered afterwards if I should have Fingolfin take his crown off, since its at the end of the evening.  But I don't suppose it's a very heavy one, though it's a bit bigger-looking than Finrod's is.  Perhaps I should put some tapestries behind them as in the first pic, too.

I decided to do higher contrast on these pencil drawings so they would photograph a bit better, and also because I wanted to correct Lalwen's pose and Cirdan's beard a bit.  You can get away with much less contrast for pencil lines if you are going to overpaint, I now realise, but if you actually want to see if the pencil sketch looks good on its own, you need to stick more pencil on there.


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26th Apr, 2017 21:35 (UTC)
You could give Maglor a harp-shaped brooch. But I think he's already got a Star of Feanor?
26th Apr, 2017 22:12 (UTC)
He does have a little Feanorian star pendant. I suppose that does not completely narrow it down though, he could be, say Caranthir or Curufin based only on dark hair, star of Feanor.

On the other hand, hanging out cheerfully boozing with Finrod doesn't sound all that Caranthir, and hanging out cheerfully boozing with Hador doesn't sound very Curufin, so perhaps it has to be Maglor!
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