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Two pictures

I put a short scene in my Silmarillion-based Hithlum story, Golden Light, where various Elves get rather drunk (and Hador doesn't) and they end up inventing the Tralalalally song.  Still trying to practice / improve drawing /painting, I decided to try drawing the events:

1: Fingon and Maedhros playing an unwise knife game that seemed likely to leave them with even fewer fingers between them:

I'm not sure if Maedhros's scars (on face and wrist) actually look like scars or just flaws in the painting. Since this is in Hithlum, Maedhros is diplomatically wearing fairly minimal silver jewellery, and a fairly plain shirt, and Fingon is rather more dressed up in gold and gems.

2: Lalwen with her hair coming down, leaning on her brother Fingolfin (who is amused) and laughing at Cirdan.  I may try to paint this later.

Next painting: Finrod, Maglor and Hador attempting to render House of Marach improvised songs into a language that all of them speak, without any great success.


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23rd Apr, 2017 18:55 (UTC)
I like it that you're drawing those scenes!
I think the scars do look like scars.
23rd Apr, 2017 21:48 (UTC)
Practice, practice, practice...

Not actually sure about the visible scars idea, after a few hundred years... but I thought I'd see if I could paint them.

I now realise that Fingon's shoulders are too narrow. Strange how you don't see these things till later. Oh well!
24th Apr, 2017 21:49 (UTC)
There is much ideological schism on the matter of Maedhros's scars in the community and several schools of thought!
I think you drew Fingon at quite a difficult angle--but he has to be turned at least halfway towards Maedhros, otherwise the knife game gets unreasonably dangerous...
24th Apr, 2017 22:32 (UTC)
Perhaps I should have gone for profiles. Profiles are easier, undeniably. But that wasn't how it looked in my head, and you don't learn nuffin by not trying hard things... If only human faces were as easy as landscapes...

I actually quite like that picture at the moment, even with Fingon's weird smile, but from the fact that I Deviantarted it and it sank like a stone, I deduce that when I look at it, I am probably still seeing the picture in my head rather than the actual picture as it looks to other people on paper. I never know what will appeal to other people. Both the times I drew Himring, I was kind of discontented with it, but other people seemed to oddly love it, though it looked kind of stiff to me. And the role-playing painting I did really quickly (with a really anatomically odd giant spider) got people liking it far more than this one which has actual proper hands in it.
25th Apr, 2017 20:10 (UTC)
I think it probably makes a difference whether you've read the story or not.

(And the competition is really stiff, for those two, you know.)
26th Apr, 2017 09:30 (UTC)
I'm starting to be able to see what is wrong with it now! I find I need to look at things for a while before I can see what is actually on the paper sometimes...
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