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Walrus post again

For some reason when I am writing a new post after a pause, I can never think of a title, and always want to post: "Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing wax -- Of cabbages -- and kings -- And why the sea is boiling hot -- And whether pigs have wings." I now dub this a Walrus Post.

Christmas on our own. Very relaxing, specially after all the rushing about beforehand to get everything in and visit relatives beforehand so we didn't have to visit them on The Day or on Boxing Day either. Retired relatives seem to think of Christmas as a pleasingly busy time for rushing about and visiting, and don't consider that the rest of us don't then get a nice break afterwards. I got many books, and have already read some of them.

Narnia film. Glad I didn't bother going to see this at the cinema. It was kind of good but.. no this has got too long. Will post it separately.

New Year in The Land of Concrete Cows. Well, many of those reading this were there and probably remember it better than me, though I maintain that I drank considerably less of ladyofastolat's cider than she says I did.

This gives me my only real resolution for this year, that I should probably take some cider with me next time I am visiting Vectis...

Review of Last Year's Resolutions:
1) I did succeed in growing a lot more fruit and veg last year than previously, although I still have a Compost Mountain which has been sitting so long it's considerably smaller than it was, even though I haven't distributed much of it.
2) Dither less. I can't remember if I managed this or not. However, having resolved to do it, I'm going to be decisive and assume that I did. :p
3) I mostly remembered to take my phone with me.
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