bunn (bunn) wrote,

All the flowers at once

Double-flowered lady's smocks are flowering around the canoe in our garden

And the woods are filling up with beech and hazel leaves unfurling, cherries and pear trees blooming

The evening sun coming through the beech-leaves.   We've lost a lot of the larger trees in storms, the last few years, so the woods are a little lighter than usual, I think.

The bluebells are out.  It seems to be a dry spring this year though, so I don't think they will be around long, they prefer it damp.  The daffodils are still around, but starting to fade.  There are violets, primroses, red campion and stitchwort all over the hedges too.

Coming back down into the village, looking west towards the sunset through an oak tree.  I love the golden colour of oaks coming into leaf,and Brythen is such a wonderful long-legged curvy shape.
Tags: cornwall, tamar valley, walks
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