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You know how sometimes you have a really clear image in your mind when you write a story?  I managed to paint the image.  Well, almost.  The faces aren’t quite right.  I can see them so clearly in my head, why can’t I get them on paper?  *weeps* (The story was this one)

Though I do think that a week of intensively drawing and painting has helped.  Now I just need to keep practicing rather than wandering off to mow the lawn. (though I'm starting to get scared of the lawn.  There could be anything in there by now.  Sometimes Brythen goes out and spends half an hour or more hunting in it.  I don't think I want to know what he's hunting.   I'm hoping it's just rabbits.

Fingolfin's face was closer to right in the pencil sketch, but Feanor's is probably closer to how it looks in my head in the painted version.  Feanor glows because he is the Spirit of Fire, of course.


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17th Apr, 2017 15:43 (UTC)
I like the picture a lot! You are overwhelming me with your creativity over the last few days. I had a busy weekend and now have quite a lot of catching up to do! I will.

I am also writing Feanor in the Halls of Mandos--nothing remotely similar to your I am sure. Mine is mainly centered on Nerdanel and largely in his head.
17th Apr, 2017 16:17 (UTC)
I should stop, I know. I keep telling myself that. I seriously desperately need to get my act together, do some paid work and stop making mediocre art and writing for an audience of me. I'm having serious trouble getting my brain to cooperate on that.

Bloody thing! *tears hair* If only you could turn them on and off again!
17th Apr, 2017 16:34 (UTC)
You sound so much like me!! It makes me laugh to read you articulating those thought, but it is torture when I am doing it. Hey, creatively one has to take what your brain is offering when it makes the offer or it disappears into the mist and can be damned hard to regain. Scribble away!
17th Apr, 2017 21:11 (UTC)
Brains are more ill-disciplined even than sighthounds!
17th Apr, 2017 16:09 (UTC)
i like your drawings, they remind me of william blake
17th Apr, 2017 16:17 (UTC)
17th Apr, 2017 16:37 (UTC)
Good point.
17th Apr, 2017 18:51 (UTC)
I like that. I can see what you mean about Fingolfin's expression being a bit closer in the sketch, but his posture is just right.
17th Apr, 2017 21:10 (UTC)
I'm pleased about that because my reference for the pose was quite a long way from the final version and I've adapted it a lot. As usual, faces are my downfall. Well, the door is a bit wobbly, too, but you can have a wobbly door and most people don't even notice, whereas eyes are so key to meaning.
18th Apr, 2017 03:04 (UTC)
I left a comment on the story, which was wonderful.
18th Apr, 2017 05:46 (UTC)
I Think their posing looks very friendly and relaxed. I know what you mean, though. And as I have done less and less artwork, that thing gets worse and worse. :/
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