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15th Apr, 2017 12:41 (UTC)
I am clearly in even more need of one than you are ...
15th Apr, 2017 12:43 (UTC)
I miss the days of LJ being busy!
15th Apr, 2017 12:44 (UTC)
Mm, me too!
15th Apr, 2017 14:26 (UTC)
Twelve years and three months. I was about to turn eighteen when you started.
I know, what I'll do, I'll go and read your ten first entries today. I am hoping for at least some embarrassing stuff of course.
15th Apr, 2017 14:49 (UTC)
I am incredibly old. Aeons of the earth, old, apparentl.

But I started internet with Usenet so I have faith in 12 years ago me that I probably didn't post anything *that* embarrassing. Probably.

*is alarmed* :-DDD
15th Apr, 2017 14:50 (UTC)
Also, you are waaaay grumpy to be such a child :-DDD
15th Apr, 2017 15:10 (UTC)
Early Onset Grumpiness is epidemic these days:

15th Apr, 2017 22:05 (UTC)
So who is the Someone who is Wrong on the internet in this scenario?

Actually, perhaps it's me. When I went to get my stats, I was given stats about comments recieved (sic.) Everyone else I know who's posted their Banner of Statistics have "received" comments. Why am I not worthy of correct spelling?
15th Apr, 2017 22:15 (UTC)
I was assuming that the disparity between comments written and comments received was produced by People Being Wrong on the Internet and me reproving them righteously!

Or, you know, maybe reproving them unrighteously. Probably the second one, on reflection.

HOW can you get a mispelling on a standard templaty thing? That's WEIRD! Was all the rest of it the same???
16th Apr, 2017 18:12 (UTC)
It was the same, yes. I have just conducted Tesssts, and when I click the "share on LJ" button, the resulting post has the correct spelling. But when I click on someone else's post and get the full page of stats, it's got the wrong spelling. Odd.

I have the opposite disparity between comments written and comments received, which suggests that I'm Wrong On The Internet, and in need of reproving. Or else I'm just impolite and disorganised and rubbish at replying to comments.

(BTW, they were selling Hiver Beer at Osborne House today. I thought of you. :-D )
16th Apr, 2017 10:25 (UTC)
Hmmm, well I've made a fraction of the posts & comments you've made, but I still don't have a life... And I feel guilty!

ETA But you have cute dogs to photograph, so that explains it!

Edited at 2017-04-16 10:26 (UTC)
16th Apr, 2017 12:52 (UTC)
I'm not beating myself up over it: I just hope all those comments made people happy!

I fear my pre-LJ life has mostly fallen away from me and been lost through holes in my memory, so those posts have achieved something!
17th Apr, 2017 19:09 (UTC)
I think it shows that you have a very active life, just partially online :-)
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