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Golden Light and Fingolfin in Mandos

A few months back I signed up for a Worldbuilding Exchange,  and got a brilliant assignment from starbrow full of chewy ideas like loyalty, working together, hope, competence, Light and Darkness and kinslaying...

I wrote: Golden Light: 7840 words of gen about Hithlum.

"All his life, he would remember that moment: the silver bells of Hithlum greeting the rising sun, and then, as if in answer to the bells, voices raised in song, the voices of the Eldar, impossibly clear, impossibly beautiful. "
In which Hador Lórindol comes to Hithlum, swears fealty to Fingolfin, and follows his lord to the end. And doesn't regret a thing. (Well, maybe that one embarrassing misunderstanding about the Feanorians....)
Thanks to philmophlegm for beta reading.

I am embarrassingly proud of this story.  Lots of people have invented an origin story for the Noldolante, but I have invented one for the Tralalally Song!  


Then my head was still full of Fingolfin.  Although I am not sure Fëanor went to the Halls of Mandos when he died, I found myself wondering about Fingolfin going there, and what he might say to Fëanor (if he was there).

So : Of the Coming of Fingolfin to Mandos and his meeting with Fëanor 7381 words: gen.

Fingolfin could feel his temper rising, predictable, and yet he could not stop it. His years of kingship vanished in the mist. He was the younger, less talented, less cherished brother again, but one with a list of grievances that had grown very long.

“What more did you want of me?” he said. “I gave my word. He is my father too, and he was king of all of us!"

I fully expect exactly nobody to agree with my take on Fingolfin and particularly Fëanor in this, but hey.  :-D

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