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Deck the halls with... oh drat, haven't got round to that yet...

I haven't yet managed to go and get some holly from the tree at the top of the garden. But I have installed a festive Firefox theme.

"Deck Firefox with pictures jolly, tralalala lalala la...."

I have finished this year's carved bauble (made cruelly from the bones of last year's Christmas tree, and hung on the new tree to threaten it with the horrors to come).

Not a very good photo:

Next year's bauble is to be a star to go on the top, because our old star is starting to look a little crumpled. I might even decorate it with that gold leaf that I inherited from my Grandad that has been sitting in a box for approximately 50 years, I reckon.

I have also done a Festive Painting, in a vaguely Father Christmas Letters style. Mountains are easy to draw, but reindeer are hard.

The dratted car is playing up. The scary 'Check Engine' light came on, the speedo stopped working, and the rev limiter kicked in at 4500 revs. This meant a trip to Exeter to the nearest Subaru dealer, for only the Anointed Ones Of Subaru can poke and prod the Check Engine light, and divine its mystic ways. Or in fact, not, because it went shy and wouldn't turn on for them. I am hoping that their theory that the light & rev limiter weirdness was related to the speedo being knackered is correct, and that fixing the broken speedo part will fix the rest - but either way I think I need a new car sometime soonish...

A 100 mile round trip to get the damn thing looked at has not endeared Subaru to me, and nor do the servicing costs - but 4 wheel drive is awfully nice to have in the lanes when they are icy, and Subarus are all 4wd without being stupidly tall and wobbly, and are plentifully available....

And finally a quick pic of Mollydog in the ice, for no good reason other than she is so beautiful.

Oh go on then, here is an Icy Az as well, because he isn't quite so otherworldy beautiful, but he is very cute:

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