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Clifftop wandering in Crackington Haven

These photos have been lurking on my camera card since my birthday a couple of weeks back.   We had a trip up to the North coast of Cornwall for a change, and went up a cliff.

I will try to remember to come back here in seal pup season, because this strand on the other side of the cliff from Crackington Haven seems like exactly the sort of inaccessible place to spot them.   There's a little waterfall in there too, on the right hand side, and seagulls wheeling over it.

The next valley was rather lovely, in a 'separate from the world' kind of way.  No visible roads or cars, just hills and the sea at one end of the coombe. I took some photos, but they did not really capture the sense of having fallen into a different time and place.

I let Rosie run about.  She refused to run about, and instead came and complained to Pp about having to wear her muzzle.

Everything smelled of sea and the scent of gorse-flowers.  A long way from anywhere else.

On the route back, the troops were beginning to look a little unenthusiastic.

It was time to feed them, or there might be a mutiny.   Here is the scene in the cafe when we stopped for lunch, which I call where is my... SOSSIDGE?

(He did get a sossidge).

Then we went down onto the sand, and there was running about.  I was trying to let Rosie off the lead at this point, since clearly she wanted to run, but she was whirling about too much and I couldn't stop her.  Much ludicrous dancing occurred, as Rosie and Brythen leaped madly about, and I leaped madly about trying to ensure the lead was not wrapped around Rosie in a manner likely to result in an expensive vet bill.

Are these not lovely pictures of a pair of dogs having much fun together, so that both have no reason to do anything else?  WRONG.  As soon as I got Rosie sorted out and let her off the lead, she immediately ran away and completely ignored me until she had climbed up onto a cliff.  Fortunately, she was quite tired by this point, so it was only a little cliff, and she then stood and adopted a dramatic pose, reminiscent of the  French Lieutenant's Woman,  until I crept up on her and put her back on the lead, (which I don't think ever happened to the French Lieutenant's Woman).
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