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Finwë and Míriel #2

Still inspired by heartofoshun's early Noldor story, We Weren't Born to Follow I re-drew Finwë speaking to the Noldor (and particularly Miriel) from my previous version.  

Pose is better, it looks more finished. I still wish I could draw faces better!   Yeah, I know.  Practice...
Inktense pencil with acrylic paint highlights on pastel paper. 


9th Mar, 2017 13:49 (UTC)
I do think this one looks a lot more polished and finished. I think your faces are good! There is a lot of variation in the faces in the crowd. (You missed what some people called the "same face" syndrome!) Artwork is a lot about practice and repeating. Unlike writing, there is a lot of muscle memory involved drawing--whereas writing is very cerebral. I appreciate the dedication.

I like the increased contrast between Finwë's clothing from Valinor--the trim, the style, and the bright tone--and those of his compatriots. I also like that we get more of Miriel than just the back of her head.

The sky, stars, and the trees are beautiful also.

Very nicely done! I'm impressed that you did such a good job on the first one and yet were able to study it and try again and actually substantially up your game! Nice work!!
9th Mar, 2017 21:57 (UTC)
It's a really good visual image you described, and the art-helpers group on tumblr was really good about providing improvement points.

Muscle memory probably helps, but sometimes I can't help thinking longingly that it would be nice to have natural talent :-D Oh well!
9th Mar, 2017 22:12 (UTC)
Natural talent exists, but as one learns with music or dance, it is only the start and takes one nowhere without effort. I enjoy looking at the early work of some of my favorite fandom artists and comparing to their more mature work--night and day!

I'll find some examples some time and share, but need to make dinner now!

Edited at 2017-03-09 22:13 (UTC)
9th Mar, 2017 22:28 (UTC)
If you mean Jenny Dolfen's blog about her old stuff, I have seen it (and it is cheering!)

I am mostly peeved because there are horrible children on Tumblr producing art I'd love to be able to make who have not been alive as long as I've been practicing! Damn their eyes! :-DDD
10th Mar, 2017 00:48 (UTC)
I was referring to Jenny Dolfen's ancient material!

Those Tumblr savant kids don't even count! I know exactly what you are talking about.

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