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Ad done right

Sometimes I listen to random music on Youtube in another tab and just see where the Youtube auto-feed thing takes me (weirdly often it takes me to Lou Reed, although often from wildly different starting points.)

Often my background music is interrupted by ads with music of wildly WRONG matching with the video, such as the awful, awful ad for Google's latest phone, and the ad for that awful Youtuber who believes in aliens.   I am very fast at swapping tabs to zap out of those ads.

But today I was served an ad of such consummate beauty that my tab-zapping was arrested, and I froze, mouth open, to watch it.  I seriously regret that I can't actually buy anything as a result of seeing it.  It fitted beautifully with the LOTR soundtrack I was vaguely listening to.

Here is the website it took me too. It's a travel site for a place I'd never heard of in Japan.  :  https://tohoku-japan.jp/    Should I ever go to Japan, I now want to go to Tohuku.


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3rd Mar, 2017 02:40 (UTC)
I have been to Sendai, which is the major city of that region, but not outside. Japanese cities tend to be extremely ugly, with occasional pockets of utter beauty, but Sendai has a lot of trees so it is not too bad. It is known for fish-cake (a sort of very solid fish paste - fish paste that works out and gets a lot of aerobic exercise), ox-tongue prepared in various ways, tansu, candied chestnuts and a wide variety of other traditional confectionery, and a very good local whisky made by Nikka and only sold in that prefecture.

The ad is amazing. I kept expecting to see a hobbit and thirteen dwarves walking along.

Edited at 2017-03-03 02:42 (UTC)
4th Mar, 2017 18:51 (UTC)
I feel that no real place could quite live up all the time and in all the places to the scenery and the craft in the ad. But it is still beautiful to watch.
6th Mar, 2017 05:29 (UTC)
Also the Shinkansen is what all other trains want to be when they grow up.
3rd Mar, 2017 09:35 (UTC)
It even has dwarves casting!

It looks like they have different ads for the different seasons.
4th Mar, 2017 18:52 (UTC)
Yes, it does fit rather well! I was impressed.
3rd Mar, 2017 22:38 (UTC)
I was in Tohoku last October! It was lovely and full of sleek and well-timed trains, which is just how I like my holidays.
4th Mar, 2017 18:53 (UTC)
I like the sound of it even more!
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