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Extremely healthy apparently

I went to my mystery medical appointment that someone phoned up to arrange without telling me what I was being booked in for.   From the wary way that the nurse asked me 'did anyone mention what this is about?' I get the vibe that nobody phoned had been told, and she had therefore been dealing all week with people who had made up their own minds what the appointment was for, and were unwilling to be dissuaded.

I had no preconceptions, so was happy with the reveal that it was a cardiac checkup.    I was weighed, measured (do they think I'm going to get taller at my age?) had a pinprick cholesterol test and a blood pressure check and was asked questions about my diet and smoking habits.

All these things revealed that my chance of cardiac problems was rated at 0.92.  Apparently anything under 20 is good.  The nurse was quick to assure me however, that there is no money-back guarantee. 



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25th Feb, 2017 02:13 (UTC)
Hurray for good hearts!

Side note: I got slightly taller when I had neck surgery.

25th Feb, 2017 13:22 (UTC)
Wow, I had no idea that was even possible!

(and now I'm imagining you having a sort of ratchet mechanism fitted, I am so sorry :-D )
25th Feb, 2017 17:03 (UTC)
No, no, common misconception -- it's actually hydraulic. You press down on my head and it pops back up to the desired height.
25th Feb, 2017 02:45 (UTC)
I'm glad to know all's well.
25th Feb, 2017 13:26 (UTC)
I have to admit, you read about the NHS being under pressure and I'm sure it is, but I don't think I can think of one incident where I or my family have had anything other than excellence. We are probably at an advantage living in a rural area where there has to be a certain amount of provision within X miles but the population isn't really high enough for that provision to be under too much pressure.
25th Feb, 2017 19:18 (UTC)
I also am meeting people all the time who pretty much do not know anyone sexist themselves and have never been slapped on the ass at work or known anyone who has been but are convinced that an absolute misogynist ass-slapping holocaust is going on non-stop across the globe with no woman left not discriminated against, slapped on the ass or raped in a parking lot in any given week.
25th Feb, 2017 21:08 (UTC)
Not quite the same thing though. I have little personal experience with the NHS, and I know that the area I live in is unusual in certain respects so it would be pretty unfair to assess it purely on that basis.

I don't think I'd use the word 'holocaust' in the context of having my bum slapped. But again, personal experience is a pretty poor guide there. I have experienced minor annoyances like bum-slapping of course, but can't really imagine how that could relate to rape, let alone experiences that are entirely unlike mine, such as growing up in a culture that has very gender-specific rules for clothing and behaviour.
25th Feb, 2017 21:18 (UTC)
Yeah, life is full of rules and constraints, most are made by us and constantly evolving and changing. Some are not within our control. Can get tough but so it goes. Being told to "man up" (for boy) or behave more "like a girl" as a kid can be tough and unpleasant and work very badly for some. But then it can work very well for others, it did for me for example (though it was stressful at the time) and I would want it done to me in exactly the same way as it has been. As long as we are not criminalising any of these ways, we should be fine. And yes, it will be up for the parents to decide which way to use and they will get it wrong sometimes, this is inevitable (that's what parent's do, screw up their kids). But not teaching children something is not a "clean slate" or "doing nothing and letting them choose later" it is also a choice that can lead to kids missing out exactly the same as the other way can.
25th Feb, 2017 21:35 (UTC)
My comment above doesn't make any sense because I misread your comment I responded to. I'll still leave it because I do not like deleting comments but ignore it, I was responding to something you did not say ).
25th Feb, 2017 21:37 (UTC)
I'm glad you said that. I couldn't work out what you were on about. I was leaving it till the morning to see if it made sense then!

25th Feb, 2017 14:26 (UTC)
Good news. :-)
25th Feb, 2017 19:15 (UTC)
With your heart in such a good shape have you ever wondered if you have been living a life that is a tad too safe and boring? :) I have. The heart is given to us to be burned to ashes, no? )
25th Feb, 2017 20:58 (UTC)
I don't find my life at all boring, I like it a lot!

But yes, I have wondered if it is moral or fair to stick to being so very *safe* when other people aren't. It's not very brave.
25th Feb, 2017 21:04 (UTC)
I did not care how safe I was in relation to other people (I never wanted to jump out of a window and break a leg just because some people were tortured somewhere at that moment) just whether doing it the way I did it was the best way I could have done it or whether I did not do some things I could have done (these did not include "world peace and save the children" btw, I know, shame on me!) because I wanted to stay safe a bit too much.
25th Feb, 2017 21:12 (UTC)
You will never win the Miss World competition with that attitude to world peace :-D
25th Feb, 2017 21:22 (UTC)
I know. And I blame it on sexism and misandry. Also i demand that everyone accept and confirm that my hairy ass is as beautiful and desirable in a g string as JLo's. All those body beauty standards are just ridiculous social constructs! So is charity for example though and a lot of other things we would be stupid to discard.
25th Feb, 2017 21:14 (UTC)
I'm glad to hear all is well. Did you get taller? (Please lie and give me hope.)
25th Feb, 2017 21:17 (UTC)
Ummmmm To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how tall I am/was. I'm terrible at remembering numbers at the best of time, and height isn't a stat you need to fill into forms all the time. :-D
26th Feb, 2017 22:03 (UTC)
I'll take it! :D
27th Feb, 2017 15:59 (UTC)
Fairly recently my husband returned from his monthly health assessment with the news that he was now an inch taller than he had ever been. I attribute this to his fondness for a particular type of shoe that has the side effect of making him stand with a more proper posture.
28th Feb, 2017 20:55 (UTC)
I'm glad to hear it wasn't more to it, it did sound quite ominious.
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