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Finwë and Míriel

heartofoshun wrote a very early Silmarillion-setting story I liked.  It's called We Weren't Born to Follow, about the Tatyar, the not-yet-Noldor deciding under the stars whether to follow Finwë and journey West to Aman.   I loved the image of Míriel under starlight and the Noldor watching Finwë speak, his eyes full of light,  everything colored by starlight and firelight, so I tried to draw it.

As usual it looked better in my head than on the paper,  and better on the paper than as a photo, and better as a large photo than a small one... but there you go, that's the internet for you. 


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18th Feb, 2017 09:44 (UTC)
It seems to me you really captured the atmosphere of the story--Finwe's enthusiasm and how Miriel's attention focuses on him.
18th Feb, 2017 18:27 (UTC)
I am so excited. The picture has a great central focus.
18th Feb, 2017 18:54 (UTC)
Thank you! It looked good in pencil, i thought, but as usual colour is hard...
18th Feb, 2017 18:26 (UTC)
Oh, wow! That is terrific!

I am thrilled that my little story inspired you. I love the colors and the shades of light. I think you handled it really well! The stars are quite beautiful too. Lovely shapes. I also really like Miriel's hair.

Can tell people about it and link back to here? Or did you put it anywhere else like Deviantart or Tumblr?

Thank you! Thank you!
18th Feb, 2017 19:07 (UTC)
I'm so pleased you like it. I like Miriel's hair too: that bit came out just as I imagined it!

I forgot to say that another detail I liked from your story was Finwë's strange clothing from Valinor: I thought that would catch the light differently to the clothes of the others.

I haven't put it on Tumblr or deviantart yet : I haven't quite decided if I'm going to draw it again and try to fix the things I feel don't quite work or not. I did this in inktense pencil, apart from Finwe's eyes: I'm not sure yet whether I shall try the whole thing again, perhaps in another medium and see if I can do better with the light...

But you are very welcome to share this version if you'd like to. It does have things I like about it, it's just that I'm wondering if I could do it better...
18th Feb, 2017 20:15 (UTC)
I think it is beautiful "as-is." But I can totally understand to impulse to want to fiddle a little before declaring it the finished version.

I do that all the time. That is a problem with me and fic swaps. I might finish a story before a deadline, but not want to publish it right away!

19th Feb, 2017 08:03 (UTC)
I really like the use of the light pencils here to create luminous areas.

19th Feb, 2017 21:20 (UTC)
Thank you!
27th Feb, 2017 10:45 (UTC)
In the photo at least, your picture looks very medieval - the shapes of people, their expressions, Finwe's hands, the composition etc. The coloring is not so medieval, though.
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