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My Fëanor story I wittered about previously has now morphed from just being the tale of Dead Fëanor zooming around invisible becoming increasingly infuriated, through How to Fill up 42 Years of War of Wrath, through to: Hey, while I'm at it, I could try to answer my various questions about the latter end of the Silmarillion, specifically:
1) Maedhros: WHY? (this has been my number 1 question from the Silmarillion since I was ?13, I think)
2) Where the hell is Celebrimbor?
3) Apart from the breaking of Thangorodrim, what are Elrond and Elros up to, and given their seemingly unpromising foster-parents, how come they grew up so well-balanced?
4) Gil-galad, Galadriel and Celeborn: what were they up to?
5) Who sank which bits of Beleriand, and did they have to?
6) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Vanyar as a fighting force?
7) Whither the Dwarves of Belegost?
8) Whither the Sons of Bor (remnant) given that they are not Edain?
9) Can you get ships up the Brandywine river, and if so, how far?
10) how does the economy of a dwarf-city interact with the surrounding agricultural area?
11) ETC.

65,000 words and still there is absolutely shedloads of War of Wrath to go, AND I still need to decide what to do with Dead Fëanor, who is now frivolously bantering with Gandalf and bloody-mindedly refusing to be in a story with a proper ending to it.

Normally I can never write anything this long or anything like this fast, and to be honest, I never thought I would or could write Tolkien fanfic at all. It is all most odd.


13th Feb, 2017 08:10 (UTC)
Oh, I wasn't surprised you want your own answers--just that you're trying to answer all those at once. But as you know I'm a very bitty writer myself.
Thank you for your comment about my characterization of Maedhros. I'm aware that it's a very personal response. In fact, I think "Why Maedhros" might not really be the same question for everyone who asks it, even although it may sound the same--it seems to depend very much on where you're coming from.
(I haven't tried to redeem Feanor--so far, I barely even dare to write him.)
13th Feb, 2017 08:54 (UTC)
Yes, I suppose you are right about views of Maedhros. I'm sure there are people who assume he's just murderous through and through, and that arguing with Feanor at Losgar and forswearing the oath and having actual friends and restraining his brothers were minor glitches or political manoevers and Elros and Elrond have just risen above a bad start.

Obviously those people are Just Wrong. :-D

As for Feanor: I find the parallels with Morgoth and Sauron fascinating. Tolkien, you have THREE LUCIFERS! Is that not a tad excessive??

But the third is not like the first two, because he loves his dad and has a family, and is cut off before he can fall very far (at least if you compare him to Morgoth or Sauron he does not fall so far. He should take the entire blame for Alqualonde, though.)

And also in the background there is Finrod and this idea that the Elves are an Unfallen race, unlike men, which strongly suggests to me that Feanor *should* be redeemable.

There's a long tradition of sympathetic Lucifer to raid!

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