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Mount Edgecumbe on a Saturday

We decided to go over to Mount Edgecumbe on Saturday, since the weather forecast was good.  Of course, when Saturday arrived, it was snowing, but we thought let's go anyway.  And in fact it was quite pleasant down by the sea, although it would have been a sunnier day today.  Here's the folly and Drake's Island and Plymouth in the background.

Rosie is expressing her objection to the cold wind, despite her warmest coat, through the medium of Sitting And Looking Away Disapprovingly.

Brythen had a coat on too, but I never seem to manage to take a good photo of Brythen in his coat.  He doesn't look good in clothes, and also he tends to walk in a comedy manner when wearing them, with very short steps.  Perhaps I should video him instead.  It was bitter that day though, he needed the coat.

The camellias are in flower already in the woods.

We took a wander along the coastline, and found the harbour breakwater, and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave Ruler.
As usual there were no dolphins in the bay.  I always look for them and never see one!

And then we went to the Stables and had lunch.  I like the fact that the Stables has been very roughly converted from a stable, so you sit in a loosebox and there are hayracks everywhere.  Rosie and Brythen very much liked this dachshund.  It was disapproving of them, until it saw that they had sausages, and then it was very envious!

I liked this set of Tinner's Rabbits on the stable wall.   I think the Tinner's Rabbits are more traditionally seen up on Dartmoor but clearly these were having a day out by the seaside.

We were impressed by what Plymouth Council has done with Mount Edgecumbe.  It's the kind of stately home and estate that you more often see in the hands of the National Trust or English Heritage, rather than a local council, but it's interesting to see how differently the council have done things.  You can get there from the city by ferry-boat, and it's all full of tiny microbusinesses doing things like Frisbee Golf and different sorts of art and sculpture, and running Segue machines around the park, and the cafe is affordable, with very excellent food and really properly dog friendly.  It was humming with people too, busier than it was even five years ago, which is quite an achievement for the council, I think.  Well done them.

And today as well as dogwalking,  I cleaned the kitchen and made an apple crumble, which both count as an Achievement of a sort.


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12th Feb, 2017 20:52 (UTC)
Great pictures. It does look like a lovely visit. I love Rosie in the coat! All of the outside pictures exude coldness! It's feeling very wintery here this week. Spring has to be coming, because I am really starting to feel the winter in a not good way. I like the stable-turned-restaurant.
12th Feb, 2017 21:19 (UTC)
It was so chilly! I sort of wished we'd gone today instead, for today the skies were blue and everything felt much warmer, at least in the middle of the day.
12th Feb, 2017 21:27 (UTC)
Rosie is an Artist of Sitting And Looking Away Disapprovingly.
12th Feb, 2017 21:29 (UTC)
She really is. You can't confuse it with just sitting. It is sitting with a MESSAGE.
14th Feb, 2017 13:25 (UTC)
I do feel that clothing a dog with such tendancies in imperial purple is just asking for trouble. :-D
12th Feb, 2017 21:27 (UTC)
A vote for video of Brythen walking in a comedy manner while wearing a coat!
12th Feb, 2017 21:29 (UTC)
I will see what I can do :-D
12th Feb, 2017 22:07 (UTC)
Wow, camellias already?

Sounds like a fun day out.
13th Feb, 2017 10:05 (UTC)
What is the remnant of some tower on the 1st picture? It looks beautiful. Do you happens to know what it was or why it was ruined?
Camellias! It seems it's spring already in England. How I enwy!
13th Feb, 2017 20:17 (UTC)
It's gorgeous, isn't it? It's a folly - it was built to be a scenic ruin, in the eighteenth century. But the stone is from an old church from across the river, so it looks very real...

I don't think the spring is quite here yet, but it's starting.
14th Feb, 2017 08:44 (UTC)
I love scenic ruin!
13th Feb, 2017 11:37 (UTC)
Oh, that's where Mount Edgecumbe is... (The Earl of ME is a GWR steam engine, but I had no idea where he was Earl of.) (Sorry, will turn off steam fan part of brain.)

It's lovely to see the camellias out - it been such a miserable winter the last few weeks.

Edited at 2017-02-13 11:37 (UTC)
13th Feb, 2017 20:01 (UTC)
Yes! Sadly, there is no railway to Mount Edgecumbe, though there's the Brunel railway bridge just down the river a bit.
13th Feb, 2017 13:11 (UTC)
Lovely photos! :-)
13th Feb, 2017 19:57 (UTC)
27th Feb, 2017 12:53 (UTC)
Oh, I'd forgotten Mount Edgecumbe was council-run. Sounds like they are continuing to do an excellent job - and given all the cutbacks everywhere is having to make I assume it must be profitable for them too, probably in part due to licenses to the microbusinesses who must also be making sufficient profit to keep in business. Lovely example of win-all-round :-)
27th Feb, 2017 13:19 (UTC)
I think they are desperately trying to get to being self-funded, but I believe they haven't made it yet. But if they can get that many people there and spending money on a bitter day in February, I hope they can manage it!

It's amazing that the whole estate is free to roam, they only take money for parking.
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