bunn (bunn) wrote,

Dogs in ice

Despite today's miserable fog and drizzle, we've had some good days this week.  Here's the view out across the village to Dartmoor, after snow has fallen on the high moors.  We often get this weather with the river valley in sunshine and cloud and snow up on the hills.


And these are from a frosty walk a couple of days later.  I love the way the light glows on the frost.
Still some old brown beech-leaves clinging to some of the trees in the wood, and a heavy frost on the ground.  Very welcome it was too, since I didn't have my new wellies yet, and having a hole in the old ones put a limit on where I could walk.  I had to leap a stream most athletically to get here, since I don't fancy walking in soaking walking boots when the ice is on the ground.

And a little later, after the frost had melted, it looked as though there was a heavenly visitation going on somewhere off up the hill.
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