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The rain it raineth on the just

Pp, being a man with a keen appreciation of the things that are most important in my life, has bought me a late Christmas present of a pair of wellies!
They are Dunlop purofort wellies, which is the kind I had before, but these are the reinforced kind, so I hope will be a little more resistant to sharp tree-roots, sharp slates buried in mud,  unexpected lumps of granite and etcs than my previous pair.  Purofort is definitely worth paying for: these are both warmer than ordinary plastic wellies, and much more comfortable.  I walked a couple of miles in them today and they were FINE.

The aftermath of a couple of miles walk in horrible mizzling rain:

Brythen did actually let me dry him off with a towel before this, which pleased me greatly.  For many years Brythen had quite a fear of towels, but he seems to have got over it at last.

What else have I done this week?  Oh yes, we had lunch with my mother yesterday and I am stupidly behind on work as is fairly usual for December / January and really need to get my act together.   Despite this, and having resolved to work this weekend, I didn't.
Instead my Fëanor / War of Wrath story has mysteriously grown to over 56,000 words, which is by far the longest thing I've ever written (next closest being the Arthurian thing I was writing, which I think of as Arthur and the Volvo. That seems to have got stuck at 47000, though I am determined to finish it eventually, I really don't write fast enough to be able to face the prospect of abandoning 47,000 words without completing them!) I thought my Fëanor story had an ending, but I keep changing my mind about it and adding things. Plus, there is still quite a lot of War of Wrath to add to the middle. I've only got to FA 549, so there's a good 38 years of war left.


30th Jan, 2017 00:22 (UTC)
Canon does have few words, but I think I am filling in approximately 30 years worth* of 'this is how I think it went'.

*my time, not Silmarillion time! Although obviously I have thought about other things in the intervening period, so it's not like it's 30 years non-stop.

I don't know if it will turn out readable or not (well, of course it will be readable to me, but I think I shan't be greatly offended if not many other people read it, because that seems very long).

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