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The rain it raineth on the just

Pp, being a man with a keen appreciation of the things that are most important in my life, has bought me a late Christmas present of a pair of wellies!
They are Dunlop purofort wellies, which is the kind I had before, but these are the reinforced kind, so I hope will be a little more resistant to sharp tree-roots, sharp slates buried in mud,  unexpected lumps of granite and etcs than my previous pair.  Purofort is definitely worth paying for: these are both warmer than ordinary plastic wellies, and much more comfortable.  I walked a couple of miles in them today and they were FINE.

The aftermath of a couple of miles walk in horrible mizzling rain:

Brythen did actually let me dry him off with a towel before this, which pleased me greatly.  For many years Brythen had quite a fear of towels, but he seems to have got over it at last.

What else have I done this week?  Oh yes, we had lunch with my mother yesterday and I am stupidly behind on work as is fairly usual for December / January and really need to get my act together.   Despite this, and having resolved to work this weekend, I didn't.
Instead my Fëanor / War of Wrath story has mysteriously grown to over 56,000 words, which is by far the longest thing I've ever written (next closest being the Arthurian thing I was writing, which I think of as Arthur and the Volvo. That seems to have got stuck at 47000, though I am determined to finish it eventually, I really don't write fast enough to be able to face the prospect of abandoning 47,000 words without completing them!) I thought my Fëanor story had an ending, but I keep changing my mind about it and adding things. Plus, there is still quite a lot of War of Wrath to add to the middle. I've only got to FA 549, so there's a good 38 years of war left.


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29th Jan, 2017 23:41 (UTC)
I am beyond impressed by the word count of the War of Wrath story. Canon has so few words! Wow! Can't wait to see the end result.
30th Jan, 2017 00:22 (UTC)
Canon does have few words, but I think I am filling in approximately 30 years worth* of 'this is how I think it went'.

*my time, not Silmarillion time! Although obviously I have thought about other things in the intervening period, so it's not like it's 30 years non-stop.

I don't know if it will turn out readable or not (well, of course it will be readable to me, but I think I shan't be greatly offended if not many other people read it, because that seems very long).
29th Jan, 2017 23:52 (UTC)
Those pictures of the dogs are so awesome.
30th Jan, 2017 00:23 (UTC)
They (well, Ok, not Brythen, Rosie) drive me nuts, but then they do something like that and I just melt! I find them most adorable.
30th Jan, 2017 09:24 (UTC)
Oh, those poor wet hounds! So adorable!

I'm so glad to hear that Brythen has overcome his fear of towels. Now perhaps one of these days Max will overcome his impulse to fight all the dog towels and tear them into tiny facecloths...
30th Jan, 2017 16:09 (UTC)
But they are EVIL! They must DIE!!!

Keegan (who is a very opinionated Little Black Cat) firmly believes that all rolled paper products must DIE. We've had to relocate the paper towels twice, and purchase a basket to hide the toilet paper in.
31st Jan, 2017 06:55 (UTC)
...But they are EVIL! They must DIE!!!

*whirlwind of spaniel & towels & fabric-tearing noises*

Hmm. I sense he needed no encouragement.
1st Feb, 2017 18:13 (UTC)
On the plus side, if you DID need towels torn into tiny facecloths, Max is apparently the right dog for the job...
30th Jan, 2017 20:06 (UTC)
They are so cute when Rosie washes Brythen (Brythen never washes Rosie. I don't know why.)

Brythen would consider that very brave behaviour, he used to flee in terror, now he restrains himself and just gives the towel a dubious look.
30th Jan, 2017 16:23 (UTC)
I just have to say, I adore the word "mizzling", having never encountered it before, and will henceforth add it to my lexicon.
30th Jan, 2017 20:07 (UTC)
We have so many many types of rain... I feel we don't have enough words for them, even including mizzling!
30th Jan, 2017 20:55 (UTC)
I can add another one--"Ithacating". It's a particular sort of moisture phenomenon that happens in Ithaca NY. The Urban Dictionary defines it as "A type of precipitation that is unidentifiable" but I always heard it to mean specifically when there's enough moisture to feel it on your face but you can't actually see it in the air, and the slowest setting on the intermittent wipers is still too fast. It does that a LOT in Ithaca...
30th Jan, 2017 21:38 (UTC)
Aww, Rosie washing Brythen!
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